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Friday, November 1, 2013

Birthday Celebration Part I, II, III & IV ♥

teehee! i'm officially 19 years old :) enjoyed so much on my birthday! successfully fooled and surprised by my BFFs lol!! 
i don't know how to say how much grateful am i to have them leaving footprints in my life!
tons of love! 

Part I

celebrated my birthday with classmates after class at De Pastry Chef :D


thanks for the celebration babehhhhhh! lots of love :DD ♥

Part II

went Six Inch celebrate later on with my crazy, funny, lame, meat sour, 388888 hostelmates! 
i look do pretty with the dress lol!!

le girl gang! 

i look like a princess here hehe! anyways, le boy gang! 

le sisters!  hahahahahahah! laugh die me lol! spot the odd one XD 

with my bunny ear-mates!! XD ♥ me like!! 

nahh, our SS King lol! btw, loving these pictures much much oh! 

this is Pattern King aka 388888 sister! XD duo duo patten hehehehe!!
he has the ability to make like everyone of us roll on floor laughing lol!! 

let us meet, le MeatSour Gang!! (yuk shun, in cantonese) hahahahahahahah!! 
lots of loveeee! 

group photo yay!! 
Part III

finally, here comes part 3! after we had our dinner in Six Inch, we went back hostel. so do Ah Boon
i guess its normal to invite friends to play in hostel right? we reached hostel at around 10+ pm and we went upstairs to change normal clothes. i went back downstairs with my laptop and stuffs to do assignment at canteen as usual. so i wore the so called "hostel outfit" lol!
we chatted like almost half an hour like that then if im not mistaken Yung Yung suddenly say actually she'd not full just now. same to a few of them, so they plan to go supper at Inn House. i was like =...= i need to go back room and change again lol.

so yeah, we went Inn House, order this and that suddenly Anjay's purse lost. i was like so so scared lol!
(they actually planned the whole thing already. everyone knows the purse case except me, Ah Boon & Tee Hao)
i was like quite down already. sitting beside me Ah Boon and especially Tee Hao innocently keep questioning Anjay XD
Anjay looks so so pek chek and i feels bad right away lol! so they went back car to search for her purse. macam yes but actually she's going back her car to take my present lol!! Summer accompanied her.
she came back with a black face so me, Ah Boon and Tee Hao was like (..........) :/

then Anjay search back her bag and the purse was there. i felt relieved but really scared as my face written there already!
Anjay keep ask me am i okayy and i replied idk, idk, idk!! and then dragged to toilet with Summer to talk about.
so i came out with a smiling face but still feeling bad inside, sitting back my place and press phone. worrying my phone is out of battery soon without realizing it was 12am already which means it is 31st October, my actual birthday date, suddenly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~~~ (the song continues) Daniel, Brandon, Kesh and Eric came out with cake from nowhere and i was like "omgg, NOOOOOOOOOO" hiding my face behind Ah Boon lol! -.- 

 my feeling mixed up lol!! scare, worry, happy, touched, surprise hampalang mixed up! i couldn't describe my feeling /.\
and then, Anjay hand out my present and it was so nice omgg! show you guys later hehe!
everything was planned from the beginning and i was 200% unaware lol! they can go for Oscar awards lol!!

 finally, there it goes :)

finally BAS (Boon, Anjay, Shirley) first photo lol! stay tuned with our upcoming album :P

le grand big group photo hehehehe! ♥♥♥ loving it!!
there's some of them missing in this photo but still, thanks for the wishes and everything la!
love everyone of you from the right to the left, up to the down, back to the front lol! mwahhh! ♥

Part IV

celebrating my birthday with my Choir members after Choir on my actual day hehe ♥
also, lot of them couldn't make it but is okay. at least they sang before they go :P heheheh.
suppose to have surprise by Joey and Scott too but they failed! i saw them when i was trying to play rock, scissors, paper with Siao Mun lol!
first time in 19 years, my face got smacked down to the cake thanks to our "lovely" Esther lol!
luckily, it wasn't that serious hehe :P

loving these bunch of people much much! thank God for arranging my life meeting up with them.
seriously no regrets :) more birthdays to go! stay tuned yeah! teeheee :D

presents of the year!! ♥♥♥

DIY 3D piano omgg! how can you not be touched when you receive this? :"D

my second Giraffe :3 loving it! ♥

thanks for the wishes people! BBBFFF forever, till the end ya! its one of my birthday wishes lol! xoxo! ♥