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Thursday, March 31, 2011

random feelings :]

back ! exam paper all taken but feel so teruk.
although there're some subject that quite satisfy
i'll try my best for the next exam. PIA ! X)
don't wanna say this one liao.
well, i didn't go to recess this few days.
save money sun bian gam fei. hmmm.
get shoo from prefect coz stayed at class during recess today.
so, me and mun yin went to library.
few minutes later. pei yee came and sit right opposite me.
her sister call her to ask me about him. adoi.
quite happy coz her sis know me XD

- next -

its april fool today ! wish everyone happy april fool XD
1st person kena prank by me - tan wei yang !
2nd place falls to - ong fansu !
3rd place - tan ching yen.
next target - whole class. i'll prank them that pn. rosnah absent tmr.
hahaha ! feel so gan jeong to see their expression neh XP

- next -

i went to mah friend's house yesterday. fara's house.
design class shirt hee ^^ while do while ss ! XD
steal those pictures from her blog ! =P

currently cut my hair ! hee. quite nice. likeyy :]

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- aLii the blogger -

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tengkiiu !

Friday, March 25, 2011

bored post '__'

assalammualaikum and selamat sejahtera. HAHAHA.
i'm back to laptop life FOR ONE DAY -.-
just finish my march exam ! happy happy.
but then i'm still not satisfy with my math. pek chek.
couldn't manage to finish everything. i do my objective last minute.
all use `shoot` for the last 5 minutes. T.T
ish. seii ramlah. lambat masuk. alasannya sick -.-
you sick also cannot late. THIS IS AN EXAM.
even though it is march exam, but i put so much hope on my math.
i really work hard for math but what i get ?

dear readers, pray for me so that i can pass my math. T.T

btw, congratulations to the ex-form 5 seniors.
congratz who get their result as they expected.
if not don't sad. there still long journey to go !
good luck in your life, bebe

help me buy ticket for LEO club ! :] anyone ? :((

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Date : 2nd April 2O1O
Time : 7.3O-9.3Opm
Place : damian hall
Price : RM8 per ticket
Dresscode : black & white
Performances from : convent, 3min, suwa, anthonian and UTAR.

Dinner provided. Come and join us ! :] If you want ticket, please contact me or comment here ! Tengkiiu ♥

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bored post >.<
will be right back with more post.
stay tuned ! *peace* ^^v