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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Day To Kampar + Mun Yin's Birthday :) ❤

heyy ! i'm finally back to update :D sorry, i am working recently so i lazy to update blog.
but today, i'll update things about yesterday :) a day to Kampar + Mun Yin's birthday :D lets start !

okay, i woke up around 8am yesterday with my Big Bang Blue's alarm :) feels so great ! ^^
i went to bus station at 9am. that was my very first time sitting 'bas tambang' omgg.
i was about to adjust the air-cond but then i realised that THERE'S NO AIR COND ! HAHAHAHA.
i can't even get a sleep in the bus coz it keeps stop wherever the driver saw bus stop ~.~

i arrive there about 10.15am. i waited for my brother to fetch me and eat breakfast also 11.30am dy.
my brother took me walk around UTAR in block A B & C :) he introduced some of the lecturer.
FOR ME, they are kinda pretty + friendly but idk how the others think. kekeke :P
after fetching my brother's Korean friend to Block B, he drop by me at Block D to meet Chiayee there :D
i visited her room ! its not that messy :P we went back TI together around 3.15 and reach at 4 something :)
omgg, i lost my key :( i got no idea where i dropped it >.< i miss my beloved keyy ! HAHAHAHA
anyways, picture time now :D

i was too bored after my SDS test. SS in room 1 :D

okayy, the peace pose again XD kekeke

ohh yeahh ! i love this :D

room 1, where i do the SDS test :D cute right ? there's a lot of cute staffs actually :P

okayy, this thingy is exactly looks like Chiayee right ? XD

in Chiayee's car, take 1 :)

in Chiayee's car, take 2 :P

sitting on the swing SS-ing while waiting my kaima to bring key for me.

look at this siao zha bor =.= got no better pose already XD

=========================================== night ==========================================

went to Mun Yin's birthday party at 8pm at Cube Box :) gila until almost 12am :D love it !
since its hard to group as one group again, i feels so happy yesterday ! together as a group :)
pictures time again :D

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

#SS4Taiwan Kyuhyun's 25th birthday ❤ [FUNNY]

watch this video if you wants to :) this was recorded by fan at SS4 Taiwan on Kyuhyun's birthday !
at first, it was kinda touching but turns up bursting into laughters when Kyu tried to speak Chinese XD
i don't remember how many times i watched and i still can laugh ! XP Kyuhyun is way to CUTEE ! ADORABLE !
enjoy :D

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday 규현 ❤ i lovee youuu XD

see, i told you that i'll be coming back on the 3rd Febuary :D it was a special date.
no one knows except Super Junior and ELFs especially me :)) its my boyfriend's birthday XD
Kyuhyun's birthday ! Purple Egg Boy's birthday ! & Evil Maknae's birthday :P
ahhh, you know ? i'm jealous of Taiwan's ELF coz Super Junior is currently having SS4 there.
so MOST PROBABLY Taiwan ELFs will celebrate Kyuhyun's birthday along ! envyy >.<









anyway, Happy Birthday once again Kyu :) thanks for being alive until today (only ELFs know what happen)
i appreciate it a lott :D saeng-il chukka i lovee youuu ❤ please continue to be evil as always :P

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Twenty-Twelve Chinese New Year :)

yo readers :D miss me ? i knew it :P nahh, not going to write anything about SJ here. don't worry XD
before i start, welcome Febuary ! please be good to me ^^ my Twenty-Twelve's CNY is kinda rush.
coz you know, i'm working and i just off for the 1st and the 2nd day of Chinese New Year :)
well, its better than nothing. i appreciate it :D plannings were all upside down since everyone is busy :(
so no choice. everytime wanna go pai nian / hang out with friends, everything will end up, last minute.
got fewer ang pao this year /.\ no good. anyway few pictures will be share :D just a FEW.

# 1st day of CNY. i looks slim ! HAHAHAHA ! SOKKKKK XD
and yeah, pink nail polish :D love this ! i mean this picture, and the way i smiled looks ... polite =.= XD

# 1st day night of CNY, same post /.\
Wey Liy is helping ah Teong draw eye liner :D ahh, i miss ah Teong now D:

# 2nd day, night at Soh Xin Yi's house ! had a good chat with Yee Yong too ^^
there's more pictures in Yee Yong's camera actually but since the just uploaded one, never mind :D

anyway, there's one sad thing. i really wanted to go Chiayee's house after that !
but i don't have transport. my mummy and brother went to cinema and Mun Yin's parents got dinner :(
maybe this was a fate. YAHHH ! anyway, i'm sorry coz i can't make it to your house >.< sigh.
well, i'll be back to update on the 3rd Febuary again. you'll see. kekeke XD wait for my next update !

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

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