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Friday, February 25, 2011


hihi, people ! i'm back to the blogger :) finally !
days without laptop is so so so damn suffer. >.<
but i'll try to use to it day by day. have a lots of homework man -.-
stressed up ! aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh ! students life is like that de luu.
i'll try to appreciate students life before i regret like my seniors do :P

gone through many people's blog today :))
a lots of post for me to read ! happy happy ~
especially lean's blog ! even though i'm not her but i feel touched !
but then, there's one of her post makes me feel curious.
that was the ''GLOOMY SUNDAY''. i know i'm kinda outdated.
it is a song. is was so scary and mysterious >.<
people get to commit suicide after hearing this song.


but i feel like listening. but i tell myself not to !
i don't want to commit suicide. i wants to stay here with all my loves one
but i still can't control myself ! so i just go through the stories only.
you can view through this website. kinda scary.
you can choose not to view if you don't want to or scared.
i repeat again ! DON'T HEAR THE SONG ! NEVER !
i'm serious and i meant it ! i don't wanna lose anyone of you.
gosh, i'm crapping -.-

i'm phobia after i had a nightmare few days ago >.<
i woke up in the middle of the night. it was 3am something.
i cried like hell. i dreamt that my VVVVVSDTVIP were dead T.T
*VVVVVSDTVIP = Very x5 Super Duper Triple Vegetable Important People*
kong bu dao~ even it is just a dream, but i take it seriously >.<
i don't want it to become reality :(( i quickly sms her that night.
and yeah, continued crying next morning even in school. duhh =.=
i bring cellphone to sch that day. i went to toilet and peeped my phone.
i saw her msg and i feel like relived and i can smile from that moment :))


- end of post -

p/s : goodluck to those spm candidates !
pray hard to get good result as you expect :))

Sunday, February 6, 2011

my Chinese New Year :))

asalamualaikum :D today is monday and i din't go to school.
hehe. ponteng :P having fun during CNY ?
i'll share mine here. lets start from 30th night :)

- 30th night -

our family is having steam-the-boat for the 30th night
before we start to steam-the-boat, we lou sang-ed XD

woots woots woots`

lou lou lou `

take take take`

finish finish finish`XD

- our steamboat thingy -

yammmmmmmm seng`

my sexayy mom and pig brother`

then, we played pop pop with those kids.
hahaha. had a lots of fun :)

- chu 1 -

went to many many many relatives' house.
get many ang pao of course :)

wore this :)

biao mei and mii`

mom and mii`
she's so pretty. hee

3rd aunt and mii`

- chu 2 -

went friend's house bai nian
went HOR YAN house eat tuan yuan fan i think :p
went cinema watch THE GREEN HORNET
went shopping in GIANT. bought a sweater =]
went SUSHI KING makan.
wei hong master treat wehh XP

wore this`


- chu 3 -

went SIN LI's house bbQ :)
lose rm 10+ for gambling >.<

wore this`
took this picha at mun yin's house.
felt in love with her house.
super comfort. i MUST overnight there one day.
wahaha XD

yiyin and mii`
on the way to sin li's house

mun yin and mii`
chee yen doesn't wants to take picha with me. zz her

- chu 4 -

this is my happiest and funniest day in CNY
we went CUBEBOX. hehe.
singing screaming shouting like a crazy person.
sings like never sing before. hahaha.
went STEAMBOAT again -.-
laugh die me man. wahaha. anyone wanna know why ?
lai lai ask me. ahahahaha :p

wore this`

heh XD

chee yen and mii`

- end of post -

enjoy every second =]