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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday #ShinDong :]

although i wish 1 day late, but still, wish you Happy Birthday oppa !
wish you stay happy, healthy, funny, handsome and get thinner day by day ! *but not too thin* :P
get more and more famous day by day too ! HAHAHAHA XD have fun celebrating ! :D
wish you all the best in your life ! Ever Lasting Friend [ ELF ] with Super Junior !



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Monday, September 26, 2011

Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 - A-CHA MUSIC VIDEO

ahhh~ finally ! Super Junior released their A-CHA's Music Video :DD
happy happy ! XD look at my KyuHyunnie ! damn yeng, damn handsome ! *melts*
awesome Music Video Super Junior ! HOT ! COOL ! NICE ! AWESOME ! HANDSOME !



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Saturday, September 24, 2011

outing with brother 2 & unforgettable memory :)

hello ! back again :) today went out with brother again. half day XD
suppose to watch Johnny English at 12pm but the place left down-est row !
so we changed to 4pm :) while waiting for the time to pass by, we went sushi for lunch.
everything is free for me ! movie, popcorn, sushi, MarryBrown & ChocoTop XD

# sushi kingg :DD

after that, we went jalan - jalan XD walk a while, feel like still got a lot of time.
so we went back home and then about 3.45pm come out again XD

# in the car

# tadaa ! Johnny English XD

not bad lah this movie. kinda funny. HAHAHAHA. still got Mr.Bean's character XD


my kai mui and i were texting while waiting the advertisement finish and movie to start.
she told me that her exam is coming soon and want to go and study already.
i replied "HWAITING ! ^^ my movie also gonna start soon. text you later ! gambateh !"
she replied me again as the movie started. i know there's vibration but i ignored.
after my movie, i checked her msg. she replied me "gomawo, unnie" means thanks, sister in korean.
i was erm, shocked + happy + touched + exited + ahhhh~ i just don't know how to say.
i was so happy. this is the first time she call me as sister even it is in korean :')
first time since 30th Nov 2009, on their birthday, i asked them to be my kai mui.
already 1 year + and this is the first time. OMG ! how many times should i repeat ? XD
i LOVE TODAY ! to Kai Xing & Kai Yi : HWAITING ! all the best in your exam, dong saeng :')

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Friday, September 23, 2011

outing with brother :)

yo :DD! my brother came back. he say he'll bring me watch Johnny English Reborn tomorrow. exited !
HAHAHAHAHA. just now went out at 8.30. my brother bring me go his friend's house.
i wondered why. mana tau, he bring me there to teach his friend how to play blog.
HAHAHAHAHA. i feel so pro wehh XD she noted down everything i tought XD

# at my brother's friend's house :DD my oye one big one small /.\

later on about 9.30, we went MarryBrown :)) OMG. damn many people >< kinda cold.
the service there not bad. even the food can win KFC dy XD just the place quite small, crowded :S

# tadaaaa XD

i like to eat their ... ermm ... everything ? XD really nice ! especially the french fried.

add this into the french fried and *shake shake * em ! it taste not bad !
first time i eat french fried with wasabi flavor.
not really spicy lahh. at least ada itu wasabi punya feel XD


erm .. ehem ! out of topic again. just want to share Super Junior's new album A-CHA.
this is just comeback stage. but i already feels satisfy :DD hope to watch their MV soon !


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Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 A-CHA TEASER

yay ! i finished my trial exam today :DD good mood. hehe.
went QQ buy a shirt. i didn't snap picture of it. lazy snap and upload XD
lets masuk topic ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !

# look at KyuHyun ! a-chaaaa ~~~~

ahhh ~ finally SM Entertainment on YouTube uploaded A-CHA's teaser. TEASER only T.T
is was a missunderstand, for me. i tought SM Entertainment delay A-CHA's MV but i'm wrong.
actually, it was Super Junior. Super Junior haven't officially released their MV. just song. hahaha.
but anyways, THANK YOU SM Entertainment ! hope you can upload A-CHA's MV as soon as possible :DD


# not in the picture : SiWon & HeeChul :))

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

KyuHyun @Korea in motion festival :)

already get two papers today. MATH and BM. kinda satisfy with my marks.
my marks for both papers increased ! i don't know should i happy or not =.=
i get good marks for trial doesn't means i get good marks for SPM too.
even tough i get higher marks than others, but i cannot be too happy or over confidence.
coz i don't know my SPM will be like this as well :) i must keep it up !
oh well, what am i waiting for ? lets get started ! :DD!

--------------------------------- look at the 4 pictures below ! aishh~ jinjia ~ ------------------------------

--------------------------------------------------- FANCAM ---------------------------------------------------


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erm, okayy. this is a little bit out of topic XD
but then still about KyuHyun ^^ this is his individual picture for A-CHA :))

their album :DD! HANDSOME ! really looks like spy XD
i got A-CHA's song already but MV haven't upload to YouTube T.T
from left : DongHae, EunHyuk, YeSung, HeeChul, SungMin, ShinDong, RyeoWook, LeeTeuk, KyuHyun, SiWon

p/s : i wonder why my pictures up there are still so small when i already pressed "large" ==
tomorrow no exam. thursday, account and friday, commerce. two more papers to go ! *HWAITING*

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

SiWon's ABS :DD

oh gawd ! look at SiWon abs ! sexayy babe XD

SiWon has revealed his chiseled abs ahead of the pilot's episode of his new KBS drama, Poseidon X)

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

SNSD & Super Junior - Seoul Song

this song is super nice ! :DD SNSD & Super Junior - S.E.O.U.L
love this song super duper much ! lovely. hehehe !

KyuHyun and SeoHyun was the best scene, for me :DD WHYY ?

because KyuHyun and SeoHyun playing role as couple in this MV !
watch this video and you will know. how sweet ><
they are suit to be couple. OMG ! what am i saying ? XD
KyuHyun seems worrying about SeoHyun. woots``
Kyu's expression and laughter is so cuteeee :DD


i did this myself ! *claps* XD
there're a signature inside [ BABY-KYU ] means this picture is mine :P

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Super Junior latest ! cuteee :DD

must watch ! cute + laugh to death ! :P *melts* @@
at library, ShinDong is a pig and EunHyuk is a monkey ! XDD
poor KyuHyun :PP YeSung come and *doink doink * them ! XPP

please press the CC button when you play for english subtitle :DD
laugh die me especially at 1:37 until 1:45 ! like michin [ crazy ] XDD
KyuHyun, EunHyuk and YeSung is the MC for the day !
they are so hyper and hilarious. hehehe :PP
my KyuHyun so adorable jekk XP!

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KyuHyun 규현 ♥

hello my dear bloggie ! i'm back again XD just to share few videos :P
before that, i would like to say about my trial examination ><
just like today, i made careless mistake between mitosis and meiosis.
so SHIT ! i lose marks there already :( too bad T.T
over is over. learn from mistake but make sure this is the last time.
no more another time coz it will be too late for SPM later /.\

ahhh, fine ! don't want mention already. back to topic :D
HAHAHA. will be post about someone from [ Super Junior ] today :P
he is KYUHYUN *heart melts* i used to call him as my boyfriend XP
i started to like him after i watch 'No Others' MV XD
* i know it is quite late * ><

this is KyuHyun's character in 'No Other' MV

so i started to search YouTube for his videos.
his videos makes me addicted to him ! as well as HorYan :P
me and HorYan keep changing videos, songs, and pictures of him.
i even learn to speak in korean from HorYan. she is a Korean freak ! XD

Align Center

i found this video last few days. Lee Teuk is carrying KyuHyun
how sweet ^^ hyung carrying maknae ! means eldest carrying youngest.
i watched this over and over again. realised that Lee Teuk love Kyu the most.
Si Won too XD so i'll like ppl who love Kyu like Lee Teuk and Si Won :P
Dong Hae started to piak Kyu's butt from the starting XD

i like the song inside too. i try to ask people but they don't know.
so i find myself and finally, i found ! i found from the comment XD

this is the song ! taadaa ! how cute :PP
but too bad that there's no MV for this song ><

and then i found this ! cute and funny MV :DD
SNSD's Sunny is inside too XD but too bad ><

i take this chance to spent time online today since i'm HOME ALONE XD
actually there's many videos but don't you expect me to post all right ? XD
i even found KyuHyun's biography too XP kinda touching.
but you have to stay tuned coz i will update Kyu's bio for the next post.
will be also posting [ Super Junior ] members. so stay tuned yah ! ^^
you can find KyuHyun's video or other members'



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Saturday, September 10, 2011

just back for update :PP

hello ! already didn't update blog for almost 2 weeks ! :DD
i'm having my trial exam now. haven't finish /.\
i think i already did the very best ! kinda satisfy.
but i don't know weather the marks satisfy me also ><
i'm back just to update a short post at least it won't looks dead XD

yesterday went to family's wedding dinner at poh loong :D
my mummy, uncles and aunties came back :P
as usual, i cam-whore anywhere. hehehehe.

# family ! can't manage to snap the whole table ><

this is when i was study history in the library with yiyin last thursday

# i found this ! form 4 one XD
i'm focusing on GHANIMAH ! HAHAHA

# yiyin behind me :PP


# KyuHyun aka baby-kyu fever XD

# in the car on my way to dinner. i make up lehh ! muahahahaha.
love this picture so much ! my hair looks long and looks fair ! :P
I LOVE THIS THE MOST ! even its blurish a bit XD

p/s : if you realised, i already not playing FB for 15 days !
muahahaha. so proud ! i must continue XD
exam moral tomorrow and tuesday math.
wish me all the best ! :DD

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stay tuned ! *peace* :PP