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Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Intan :)

hello readers ! i'm back ! (Y) i bet you missed me a lot right ! HAHAHAHA :P
there's one of my friend in One Stop, Intan, had her suprised Birthday party today XD
Ah Weng and me went Secret Recipe to buy cake for her during my recess time.
we bought Chocolate Mud Cake :D it is super YUMMY ! PRICE LAGI YUMMYY ! :O
all together we spent about RM90 >___< but 7 people share, still can lah XD

we kept it inside car's bonet and then take it at 9.45pm when everyone is sweeping the floor.
after mopping the floor, i pulled Intan to the toilet. i call her to accompany me as excuse.
my colleague outside off the toilet's light and makes me and Intan can't see anything.
i accidentally stepped on Intan's finger and we laugh like its our world in the dark toilet =.=
once we get out from the toilet, shop are already closed and we all sang Birthday song.
she was laughing like crazy before that and by the time she saw the cake, she cried on the spot !
she told us that she is really surprised and touched + happy ! MISSION COMPLETE XD

THAT'S IT ! :D lets go to the next topic :) its about studies >___<
last week, i received a form from TARC, Tunku Abdul Rahman College.
everything is in OMR. i almost used my 2 hours to shed fiish my OMR paper.
dafuqq, so stress /.\ hope that i can get for May intake coz i know i'm kinda late >___<

lastly, i know you miss me right ? :P my picture below ! enjoy :DD
100% not edited ! thanks to the pretty light ❤ but honestly, i did apply powder on my face :P

# with my Pyeolri given by my Yeobo ❤

# latest picture of me with Superman's shirt :D

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

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