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Sunday, November 11, 2012

31st October 2012 x'D

=================================== 31st October, My Day :'D ===================================

an amazing and unforgettable birthday's celebration in my life!! wanna hear my story? i'll summarize it.
everyone is like forgetting my birthday and they all have their own activities on my birthday.
they acted like so real and the noob me believes it and emo-ed continuously for days D:

but on that night, i've been pulled by Limun to Festival City because she said that she need to pay her U-Mobile's bill.
if not she can't use her phone and stuff like that. then shun bian go and eat dinner there since its my birthday.
i am so damn emo on the way there and i'm so disappointed on them. to be honest, i cried. wtf! D:

when i reach there i told Limun that i want to eat Kenny Roger later. Limun was like "erm, okayyy :)"
but actually, she was viber-ing with Jaclyn for the whole time and told Jaclyn that i want to eat Kenny Roger.
they all were at Papa John and they were like wtf, they already order thing and kept the cake there.
i seriously don't know anything XD after i came out from the toilet, suddenly Limun look and me and smiled.

i was like, what? ._. then i look around and saw Jaclyn & Ransley waving hand to me.
i was about to cry again to see both of them. they were all actually made this to surprise me.
i didn't realize the shop was Papa John till i saw the menu, i ask Limun. "ehhh, this is not Kenny Roger?" hahahahah!
special thanks to Jaclyn for all these plannings :) i seriously surprised + happy + guilty + idk how to describe!
i love them all seriously! x'D ♥ thank you so much for the surprises! TT hundreds, thousands, millions thank you! :')

as you can see, i'm almost burst to tears here! not joking! :/

bursting xD

after bursting :PP

i like this! because of Jaclyn's face XD cute niaa! :3

my hair is back -_- hahahahhaha! i don't know what i'm doing that time ._.
the cake wrote, Happy Birthday Chicken! if you realized XD

make a wish~ make a wishh :PP

my expression was like :O because i can't blow the candle's fire off!
the light keeps pops out and *snap!* there's my picture -_-

blowing it off again XD

i look so prettyyy :D me love this ^^

cut cake session! pattern duo duo! hahahahahah :PP

with the lansi guy who moved out from hostel, Ransley! :D

with my darling + chicken room mate, Jaclyn :D

with the cute little boy, Brr...andon! :D

with Daniel aka Da Niuu XP muehehehehe!

look, he wanna show off the shirt that i gave him on his birthday! :PP
you wear dao quite leng zaii one what! HAHAHAHAHA!! thanks to me! XP

i don't know why but i just like this one XP heheheheh!!

with the hiao gong, William :PP

with the cute + handsome + adorable + english filih felehh's guy, Nicholas! :3

with my so called DJ partner, Marcus XD

with Soo Soo :3 she tied her hair into half very pretty lehh :P

with the cute voice girl, Limun :PP

group pictures! ^^ 
from left : Marcus, Daniel, Nicholas, William, Jaclyn, Brr...andon, Limun, Soo Soo, Me, Ransley :))

thanks for the notes that you all did for me. i appreciate it a lot!
and thanks for all the pressie! sorry for not uploading the pressies cause i didn't snap XD


ehhhh, not to forget i also celebrated with my classmates, B2! hahahahaha! love you guyss :D
especially XIAO C, TIFFANY, CHARLOTTE, BRANDON & TONG XIANG!! muahahahaha!!
i knew we have loads of assignment to do but you guys still celebrated my birthday in Festival City! X'D
we went to Bee Won Korean BBQ, ate Baskin Robbins since its 31st and also Wednesday :PP
so sadd that YEN, WEN HUI, WEI THENG & JUN didn't join due to their Chinese class /_\
if not the situation will be more crazy and noisy especially when there's Yen! muahahhahah :PP

they were thinking so damn hard to buy cake to celebrate my birthday LOL :P
i don't really mind la actually cause i'm not really in the mood and to be honest i felt so guilty to you guys! :(
but it still ended up with a cake and celebrated in class :D awww, you guys are so awesome!!
but one thing, i feel so regret didn't take pictures with you guys /_\  if not i will post oneeee! :P
everyone were rushing back home :( but anyway, still love you guys a lot :D MWAHHH! :3

to Xiao C and Tiffany, i already mentioned you here :P don't duo duo pattern ya and i won't feel guilty anymore XD

i'll always remember this awesome celebration, 31 Oct 2012! :'D my very first experience on this kind of celebration!
I Lovee Youuu 

=========================================== ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥ ===========================================

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthdays! :)

lazy write a lot of thing la. i know you guys also lazy read one. so, let the pictures be the guide ^^

==================================== 18th October's babyy!! ====================================


Happy Birthday, Jaclyn :) lovee youuu :DD

sorry just a few pictures here coz most of the pictures are in Yuuka's phone! sorry >_<

=================================== 22nd October & 23rd October babyy!! ====================================


i look good in here :D but my hair -_-

Happy Birthday to this two hiao gong!! especially the blue shirt! super hiao! sorry, William :PP

he looks so thin here XD but he's not fat either la! hahahhaaha :PP
can see there write HAPPY BIRTHDAY DA NIU? purposely one! XD

i like this one la! not bad worr! XD handsome lehh! :PP

first attempt to push the cake to Daniel's face but FAILED! D: sad case XD

hahahahahaha! see this hiao gong! make a wish also pattern duo duo :PP muahahhahaa!

second attempt to push the cake on William, failed also D: haihh, ren sheng bei ai ahhh! XDD

okayy, i like this picture so much because they both smiled till so chan lan! :)
i feel like my face there will ruin the whole picture so i ... hahahahha! XD

same goes here LOL! XD

the birthday boy, Daniel aka Da Niuuu :P urghhh! my hair D:

the second birthday hiao gong, William :) my hair, again =="

group picture! from left : Me, Brandon, Daniel, William, Nicholas, Jaclyn & Limun :))

sad case, i forgot to put this card in Daniel's present! :( my writing so nice lehhhh! XD


next is 31 October, my birthday but i'm going to write it in another post. just for my birthday! hahahahhaha! :P

====================================== 4th November babyy! ======================================


still, failed /_\

pretty girls :P especially the black shirt one!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :P paiseh XD
from left : Soo Soo, Jaclyn, Jessie, Limun, Yuuka aka Ying Xing & Me ^^

with the birthday girl, Limun :D i still look pretty what! XP

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP