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Thursday, December 16, 2010

hohoho ! sakai XP

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !! rank #1 ChiaYee Ong XD

p/s : short post :D

- end of post -

you're the one who start it first
you're the one who lied me first
you're the one who's the fake-est
my trust on you were totally gone
not gonna trust you anymore
you're NON OF MY BUSINESS from now on
anyway, '' thank you '' for everything

Monday, December 13, 2010

pictures' talk ♥

i'm back again. getting bored looking at my blog huh ? everyday update XD
haha. nothing much. might be a short post :DD
pictures will be the talk ( copy someone's word )


SS-ing before shop opens XD

with lee ming aka xiao ming. she paiseh. keke

later, we went dinner at old town with weng weng and xiao pang again :D

weng weng aka ahh weng acted to be emo XD
i edit looks hai man emo yi xia. ehem !

xiao pang aka chee kuan.
she was SHOO-ing mosquitoes.
then i snap her pictute. i this ! it looks like a poster.

i kinda fell in with mickey mouse shape punya thing. so cute !!
but shin chan, don't worry. i won't abandon you XD

bought a new earing. mickey mouse shape :D

mickey mouse shaped t0o ! i don't know what to call this.
but it is used to stick my hair. understand ah ? XD
bought at giant's Q2

see see. okayy bor ? i tie hair pun got one hole there.
realised that my tie hair punya technique fail :(

haha. last few days after this dong dong dong dyed her hair, we webcam-ed XD
i curi curi snap picture. she don't know this. muahahaha. see see !

can see her hair colour ah ? macam cnt ><
it looks preety nice. i it ! :D

this ! manyak yeng ane XD wulala :)

- end of post -

Sunday, December 12, 2010


wulala. feel like blogging today. many things to say XD

1. angelyn gonna off till wednesday baru balik !
everyone was so happy and exited. hope time pass by slower :D

2. having lunch and dinner together with weng weng and xiao pang !
talked, laughed, gossip alot ! muahahahahaha. miss this moment !

3. always curi tulang at lee ming's place.
walao. our conversation sibeh funny xia ! hehe !

4. i was giving xiao ming and weng weng teka teki. laugh seii me.
lee ming and weng weng feels like beating me when they know the answer XP

5. saw venn and her friend wanna buy thing for her ttn teacher.
jealoous with her ttn teacher. got so good punya student.
venn's friend is so cute. get crazy with the thing i recomended XD
its an eraser actually but it looks like a match. hehe.

6. ah su terlanggar one of the fake model till broke it wrist.
OMG ! i cnt stop laughing lah ! she's shocked and don't know what to do.
so she take the hand and put it back. cant fix pulak.
then she give the hand to the ppl who work there.
that ppl is shocked t0o ! her eye were so big like gonna drop ! XD
i'm there laughing non stop man. stomach also pain. HAHAHA !

i flashback it when i'm bathing. i was laughing in the toilet.
kaima : woi ! you sot ah ? laughing alone in the toilet.
me : hahaha. think of funny things mah. aiyok.
kaima : ooooh. i tot you saw that thing tim.
me : * stop laughing on the spot * =.=

p/s : cool blog's chocolate + apple jelly sibeh hor lim ! XD

- end of post -

had a lots of fun today
keep laughing all the time
hoping this is my everyday
never regret knowing them

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

yoooooooohoooooooo XD

hehe. today i'm going to blog about yesterday
yesterday, its my luckiest day since i've started work.
awww. the most shocking thing is angelyn. =.=
she is not angelyn yesterday. her mood is so super good.
she treats everyone so good. she keep smiling all the time.
反而她笑我们跟假的怕她。我的妈呀 -.-
then its 2pm. its my recess time. i don't know what to eat.
chee kuan off today. so left me alone. i planned to buy wafer and eat.
ngam ngam want order, my brother phoned me. call me go sushi king.
i feel like wooohooo. today got sushi king eat luu XD
ane ngam i bor eat breakfast so i ate like a hungry ghost. hehe.
i snap snap picture. heeee.

woots`this is how much i eat for 45 minutes. bahahaha.
don't jealous hor. weeeeeheeeee ! after that 1hour, back to work.
i saw LATUN ! my cute cute chubby latun jekk.
long time no see. sibeh miss her and xing xian jekk. keke.
then i saw ah lean and a boy in one stop oh ! hehe.
she rebond jor sibeh leng jekk. jealous.
i mau go rebond jugak neh ! ish XP

- next -

angelyn call me watch ppl luu. i jiu watch lah.
suddenly i saw an origami book. i jiu curi tulang awhile and have a look.
until i saw 1 page of how to fold swan.
when i saw that swan, my good mood totally lost and become emo =.=
i suddenly think of you. i fold that swan for you.
i folded 200+ you know ? folding swan is not that easy especially the small one.
that swan suppose belongs to you. but now, i think you DON'T NEED anymore.
the swan is still here but i'm gonna throw it away soon.
oh ya, and my star. i folded 80+ then i passed it to someone.
i don't know how much she folded. i call her to throw it away t0o.
useless thing keep also no use. everything we've did for you us just worthless.
totally disappointed towards you. i hope you realise that i'm saying you.
btw, do you realise what you've done ? sigh. fine le. don't wanna mention it.
ruined my mood. Z !

p/s : today SPM over luu. happy holiday hor ! XD

- end of post -

i hope you'll understand my feeling
i hope you understand why
i think you'll never know that
i'll just keep it as secret =X

Monday, December 6, 2010

its so true ! :') ♥

'' i'll remember you ''

it has been so long since we have talked
i hope that things are still the same
hoping they will never change
cause what we had can't be replaced
don't let our memories fade away
keep me in your heart for always

you made me believe
that i can do almost anything
stood right by me
through the tears through everything

i'll remember you,
and baby that's forever true
you're the one that i'll always miss
never thought it will feel like this
i'll be there for you,
no matter what you're goin' through
in my heart you'll always be, forever baby
i'll remember you

i promised you i won't forget the times we shared, the tears we cried
you'll always be the sun in my sky
it maybe fate that brings us back to meet again someday
even though we go seperate ways
you made me believe
that i can almost do anything
you stood right by me
through the tears through everything

i'll remember you,
and baby that's forever true
you're the one that i always miss
never thought it will be like this
i'll be there for you,
no matter what you're goin' through
in my heart you'll always be be, forever baby
i'll remember you

if the day should come when you need someone
( you know that i'll follow )
i will be there
don't ever let there
be a doubt in your mind
'cause i'll remember you, you

i'll remember you
and baby that's forever true
you're the one that i always miss
never thought it would feel like this
i'll be there for you,
no matter what your goin' through
in my heart you'll always be, forever baby
i'll remember you

forever baby, i'll remember you

- end of post -

you're the one who i always miss
you'll always be the sun in my sky
i'll be there for you always
no matter what your goin' through
my heart you'll always be, my ___ ♥

Saturday, December 4, 2010

teehee :D

yo readers ! HAHA ! shocked when log in into my blog ? XD
i choose this blogskin and i edit it for the first time.
i success ! XD happy dou. erm. edit almost 2 - 3 hour luu.
this blogskin not bad jugak. but i'm not satisfy is the blog put at a side, not center.
nvm. i love skin skin so much. there're lolipops ! :D

- cut the crap -

muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !
i wanna share a good news here ! hehe.
i get my salary. weeeeheeee ! currently work for 11 days and i got RM217.35 !
not bad huh ? XD lai lai. i belanja everyone makan 1 BIJIK LOLIPOP ! XD

p/s : aku miss KAMU, dong ~ :)
not only her. dont jealous XD i miss my BUDDIES t0o !

- end of post -

i miss you but i wont say it.
i want you to say it first

Friday, November 26, 2010

work ! ^^

hehe. tired tired jekk. just came back from work not long.
well, i'm gonna write about my work today. hehe.
i'm happy with today's work. many funny things happened. wahaha.
among so many workmates, i like ah weng jie the most. hehe
she's funny. she makes me laugh all the times.
she's the one who always give me thing to do.
so that i wont be called by angeline, the boss.
when angeline were in the shop, everyone were so guai.
when she's not, wahahaha. gossip gossip. hehe.
i learnt new words from weng weng jie such as 装光 XD
she always says that. till angeline cnt tahan, angeline told weng jie
hahahaha. funny xia. but weng macam ignore her.
when angeline's there, she'll whisper to me 装光 and i'll say '' shhhh..'' XD
when angeline's not, she'll say out loud like nobody business.
hehe. funny seii. these few days keep tagging price jekk.
tik tak, tik tak ! i fell in love with that sound. hehehe.
today, if i'm not mistaken, a hong kong ppl came.
why i says that ? cuz she don't know hear english, malay and even chinese.
she only know how to talk in cantonese and hear in cantonese. zz
but she know say chinese's one word. xie xie -.-
i helped her find the thing she want all the way since she asked me.
she called me to find her a book. a think one.
that time she's showing a textpad. she say she wants a thick one.
then asked her. thick textpad ah ? you know what she replied ?
she say, what's textpad ? -.- i feel like zzz. huh ?
so i said nvm. i'll find you a buku log. then she asked me.
what's buku log ? -.- i replied. err. log book.
she asked again. what is log book ? i feel like aduhai. funny xia.
so i showed her. hehe. then she wants a glue. i jiu show her luu.
she called me to open and see can use or not.
i say har ? open and use meh ? she said yaya. last time buy the glue cnt even come out.
i jiu say luu. if want try jiu need open cover wor.
she said, har ? got cover de meh ? that's why the glue don't want come out lah.
i feel like laughing but i tahan. then i continue to hep her.
you know my cantonese is sibeh ''horliao'' de lah.
luckily i still can understand what she wants. hehe.
when i talked with her in cantonese, i talked 1 bijik 1 bijik.
talked until ''da kek'' zz. she din't realised GUA. hehe.
anyway, i feel proud and happy can help her. muahahahaha.
not long, a woman came and asked me. ''err. ini beli 1 percuma 1 kah ?''
then i say ''ya. tapi kena sama jenis baru boleh''
i jiu tell weng jie. ''aiyook. i thought she's chinese de tim. but she talk malay''
then another workmate, li min says ''but she talk chinese with me leh''
i jiu Z ! adapavii. do i looks like malay girl ? =.= then weng jie says.
''i already kena many times. xi guan jiu hao.''
i jiu say luu, ''zhe ge shi jie zen de shi bu gong ping''
she said, ''haiz. xi guan jiu hao'' -.- ouch ! my heart broke into pieces.
i now baru realised that i'm dark like a malay T.T

p/s : mixiu mixu ^^

- end of post -

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1st day of work !! :)

peeekaaabooo ! i just came back from WORK !
you bor see wrong, i bor type wrong. i'm WORKING !!
muahahahaha. mau lanci yi xia xia. bor bian leh. first time mah. keke.
when i reached there, almost 10 jor. shop haven't open. boss also haven't come.
i saw a few workers sitting outside. they are gossiping XD
but i don't dare to talk to them. strangers mah. you know. hehe
anyway, i started to meet them. hehe. aku ada kawan baru. hiak hiak !!
about 10 something, boss came. i jiu sibeh gan cheong liao -.-
then she told me that she'll giving me off next thursday. muahahaha.
i'm free on next thursday. anyone mau date me kah ? XP back too topic.
then hor. she jiu call chee kuan to guide me and now i know.
first thing you enter the shop, mop lantai dulu. then arrange all the things properly.
then ask ppl weather they need help or not. hehehe.
base on today's experience, everything still okayy lah. not bad yi xia.
but my leg macam sudah hilang =.=
oh ya, i saw satu budak ultraman. wahahahaha ! laugh die me.
he was wearing an ultraman's costume. itu nvm lah.
makes me laugh geh is he also wear itu ultraman's head.
walao eh. cute seii. i fell like snapping his picture nia >.<
but bor bian. working neh. where can simply take handphone out jekk ?
nanti boss ''goreng ikan kering'' me ah [ chau yau yu ] XD
my boss, angeline, she call me to give basket to customer.
so i jiu walk around and see see luu. then i saw i girl like chinese.
she was holding a few pens. so i plan to give her the basket.
then i jiu wanna ask in chinese jor geh. who knows, i ter-talk in english.
i asked her '' excuse me, you need basket ?''
you know what she replied me ? she replied me '' oh~ takpe takpe ''
i was like. what ? she's a malay ? OMFG !! haleluyah -.-
luckily i bor say in chinese. if not i sure siasui punya >.<
till then, fong gong luu. before that, sapu lantaii XP
balik rumah mandi terus blog ! XD

p/s : tired ! i need ppl on mo XD

- end of post -

Monday, November 22, 2010

its all about YOU ♥

this post wrote especially for cHiaYee aka meiya aka dong aka 猪猪 ♥
wish you happy, healthy, everything goes licin licin and good luck in everything !!
i've made a handmade present for her. photo album lai de jekk ! XP
i made it almost 1 week luu. i even cut myself. bahahahaha.
i already squeeeze my brain until juice also keluar jor my idea baru keluar.
i hope you sukak the present jekk. bor sukak also have to sukak ah !!
i made it from bottom of my heart. keke.



want show off yi xia xia. muahahahaha :DD
i manage to finish it this morning. hehe.
about 6 something, i went chiayee house. at the same time pakat with chiawei.
i msg her and tell chiayee got ppl find her outside. keke.
my mission complete. muahahahaha. proud of myself.
actually i already pakat with chia wei since saturday.
i already call her to kap chiayee. keke. thx wei wei pakat with me oh.
before i reach her house, i already imagine itu dialog jor tim.
manatau saw her that time i sudah nothing to say. macam got abit paiseh tim.
itu chia wei go record pulak. adoi. yong suii de me >.<
anyway, mission completed i sibeh happy. its what i expect ! ^^
lastly, wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY again oh !
do your best in your exam. gambateh !!
don't stay up t0o late ah. take care oh. you sick i jiu pak die you XP
mixiu mixiu`♥ love ya`♥ mwahx`♥ hugs`♥

p/s : start work tomorrow ! wish me good luck :)

- end of post -

Friday, November 19, 2010



sigh. holiday begins. people might think that ''hurayy ! holidays !'' but i'm not.
today, i suppose to be very happy. i was playing saidina.
shouting, yelling like nobody business. but suddenly,
yiyin's mom came. by the time i saw her mom, my heart pumps very fast.
i think that her mom wanna call her go KL.
and well, my guessing was correct. her mom call her to KL.
when i looking at her packing her bag prepare go home,
my tears started roll down my cheeks. when she was at outside with her mom,
i din't even look at her. i don't even have the dare to say a word goodbye.
i HATES saying goodbye. sigh.
from that moment, i becomes very down >.<


still at the same topic but different people. this time is for HER.
everyone might know who is the person i mention huh ?
it was last day of school. OMG !! i repeated it twice. zz
same condition. i don't dare to look at HER -.-
i scare my involuntary actions begins. you know what i meant right ? >.<
i cried and hugged Darshini when wishing her good luck.
my tears drop like water leakage when i'm talking with Darshini.
if i saw HER, i really cnt imagine that situation. awww !!
i know SHE was there, but i don't dare to look at HER.
you knows right ? SHE's sitting for her SPM 3days more.
i was trying to not to contact HER as well. i scare i'll disturb HER.
i hope i can control. zz. but morning call is going to be continued :)
anyway, if YOU needs someone to accompany YOU,
find me. 24hours service available for YOU
don't get t0o tension or stress ah.

p/s : good luck for all the SPM candidates !!
wish you all the best !! ^^
don't stay up t0o late.


YOUR day : 2days 3hour 20minute. keke
SPM : 3days to go !! T.T

- end of post -

Thursday, November 11, 2010


yo, people ! i'm back to blogger ! ^^
i keep sneeze these few days. i know many ppl miss me de jekk ! ehem ! XD
wulala. today had an end year party in school.
i had a lots a lots of fun. playing, running, shouting in my class.
had a great day with my friends today ! hehe.

i'm gonna blog two people here today.
i wanna express my feelings here.
no offence :)


someone makes me feel pissed off !
she scolded us with her status. don't think we don't know.
we're not stupid, kay ? think before you do something.
you said that we betray you, backstab you.
but do you ever think of why we did that ?
everyone do backstab people. i admit even i backstab ppl t0o !
please don't be silly. don't think that you're so perfect huh.
don't tell me that you never backstab people before ?
i'm hella hate you right now. NO ! i mean WE !
please mind your words. if you did, we'll mind ours t0o !
don't you ever step on my tail or try to get my nerve up. zz


i am so disappointed on someone.
i finally found the truth after you lied us for so long.
hey, you can lie us but you can't lie yourself. you know what you've done.
you lied us t0o many thing. it was like uncountable you know ? -.-
you're so mysterious. but you're no longer mysterious now.
everything we'd did for you is just WORTHLESS !
from now on, i'm not going to trust you so much.
my trust on you were totally gone ! you're so fake !
i wonder why i'm so stupid so believe you last time ?

p/s : no offence. thank you

- end of post -

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

adui XD

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

happy happy ! :)

teehee. i'm so damn happy today !


i already get my math result & i achieved my target ! XD
i don't wanna say what marks is it. kinda siasui.
proud of myself ! =DD of course wanna thank YOU !
YOU helped me to solve my math questions,
YOU taught me until in the middle of the night,
YOU never give up on me & keep on support me !
thank YOU so muchie. owe YOU 1 mc flurry sin :)


i went karate at 4 o'clock for training of course.
this sunday jiu grading luu. wish me good luck ! XDD
the training suppose end at 6 o'clock but we ended it at 5 o'clock.
then we went buy zhen zhu nai cha.
many funny things happened XD


[ doju aka karate center ]
like edited. but its ori :)

on the way buy zhen zhu nai cha XD
p/s : see chee yen's finger =D

sampat po ! ^^v

arrived destination XP

blending my nai cha

[ honey dew ]
tadaa ! done done ! XD

hor lim hor lim ! =DD

while waiting her's

chee yen, me, yiyin :)
three same flavor. hehe

cute seii.
macam me ! XD

mamee ! wulala XD

itu zhen zhu sibeh many >.<

two siao zha bor XD

drink drink ! ^^

pretend punya. hehe

chee yen kepanasan ! dai seii ! XD

cute ! hehe.

yiyin's mei tui XP

fat xia >.<

bor liao. *sobs*

till then
stay tuned
to be continued
see ya ! :)

- end of post -

Sunday, October 31, 2010

its my day ! ^^

teehee ! its my big big day today ! XD
my birthday leh. who forget jiu kiam pak ! hehe.
yesterday i cried because of someone making me gonna burst.
but today i cried because i gandong T.T
i awoke it 4am -.- coz my ayi off air-cond, makes me awake.
then when i peep my hp, OMG OMG ! 14 msg !
i was so happy ! some of them slept and awake at 12 just to wish me.
some of them tahan till 12 baru sleep.
when i heard that, i was so gandong ! yuan lai i'm so xing fu de T.T
i just realised it ! maybe others might be more xing fu than me,
but i appreciate ppl around me now coz i don't wanna compare with others.
i already enough xing fu. don't have to expect more ! =DD
i went mcD with friends to celebrate my birthday.
before that, mun yin came my house. hehe.
thanks to those who attend for my party and thanks for the present ! XD
after makan, we went giant ! hehe. laugh die me when i flashback !





on the way to mcD
p/s : mata sepet =.=''


the only picture i capture in giant ! XD
sorry chiayee. upload picture without your permission >.<


chee yen's

1bijik lolipop hilang.
go sue TAN CHEE YEN ! XD

[ perfect ]

i chopped its head XD

chopped it into 3 pieces ! kolian dai XP

ching yeng's

mun yin's


mun yin's again

carmen's and mun yin's

xin yi aka mii's

yiyin aka papa's

i love it so much ! i had a lots a lots of fun today ! ^^
you guys brighten my day ! love you guys.
mwahx mwahx ! *hugs hugs*
i won't forget today !
never ever ^^

- end of post -