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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

нappч мoмєитѕ ! ♥

weehee. today i sibeh happy jekk.
many happy thing approached me today.
i hope those happy things can approach me everyday !
okayy. lets start from 12 o'clock.
eh eh. nono. before 12 first. hehe.
i ''masak bubur'' with chiayee. XD
we talked 46 minute 20 seconds. zz. IMBA.

let me tell you a secret !

chiayee will scare if you talk soft soft then do some creepy sounds.
next time she bully you. do this. wahaha. laugh die me.
we talked, laughed and even screamed.
i admit. especially me. =.=
okayy okayy. stop stop. continue my story.
start from 12am. XP
yea. i online. open msn and fb.
i wonder why no one find me. zz
until i realise that actually, i appeared offline. =.=
till then, a cute girl named yiling find me.
wahaha. proud. she asked me to read chinese words for her.
padahal, i know read abit abit only. siasui. XP
chat chat, we exchange our blog and hp number t0o. =D
she even told me her things. hehe.
then, after yiling off, chiayee pulak on.
then i jiu go kacau her. hehe.
she told me wanna play webcam.
adapavii. hehe.
i reached my comb and comb my hair.
ban liang liang mah. ehem. =.=
she took 2pic. another 1 she haven't send yet.
wanna see ?

i got capture 1 t0o. but. my capture skill bor chiayee so pro.
i capture till my face is black and white
chiayee's face pulak. wahaha. dark till cnt see anything. XD
hehe. its afternoon. cheeyen planned to library.
hehe. syok. dont need to stay at home fat mou. XP
who knows, when me and yiyin going to reach library,
venn tells me library bor open.
then i'm frozen. cnt walk.
feels like bullshit ! walk till so far baru cakap.

p/s : venn. dont mean to blame you. hehe.

after that i quickly phoned chiayee and yiyin phoned cheeyen.
tell them that library din't open. =.=
fine. we walked back home again.
while i walk, i talk on phone.
talk till reach home. hehe.
yiyin jealous see i chat till so syok. XP
i also syok see she ane jealous. i'm bad ! hehe
20minute later, cheeyen reached my house.
she come my house, i have to serve her like queen.
i took drinks, even cooked for her ah ! IMBA ! =.=
then, 5.30 like that, we went playground ! :D
someone jealous. wakakakaka.
mai jealous. next time go together oh !
must do appointment with my secretary sin oh !
continue with my story.
we at there sibeh syok leh !
we swang, we snap, XD
wont ever forget today's sweet memory !
stay in my heart forever !

Saturday, August 28, 2010

1st time.! :D

hehe. its cheeyen's birthday.!
wish you happy birthday once again yo.!
today, suppose to awake at 9.15
i set my alarm at 9.15
itu cheeyen's msg makes me wakes up earlier. zz
fine. we msg-ed 2 or 3 letters, then i fells asleep.
so, when she reply my msg i feel like lazy.
so i dint reply her.
another msg come. deii. i ignored it. =.=
when i almost get back into my sleep, cheeyen msg again.
adapavii. beh tahan. so i replied her. =.=
until i cnt sleep back.
fine. so i wake up early, pack my things
ready to karate.! weehee.!
like never go before. XD
when i reached yiyin's house, =.=
she haven ready anything yet.
i feels like zzz. ><
more zz geh is her bicycle borrow people jor.
so, we planned when we go, i fetch.
back, she fetch. hehe. fair and square.
when we reached school, 1st gate bor open. ==
key lost i thk. deii and z the penjaga lah ><
then, karate training begins.
about an hour later, we curi ayam.!
without master's permission, we went to sk buy drinks while he's in toilet.
after that, we stopped training and we sterted to chat.!
i'm shocked that master called us chat.
first time leh. *proud* we chatted bout :
what we wanna do after SPM,
what course we wanna take,
one of us say hotel management.
then, because of hotel management,
master pulak suddenly say itu ''piao piao''
he jiu tell us true story about ''ah piao piao'' in hotel that he gone through before and other master that told him, he tells us.
eh eh.! true story leh.! mai play play. ><
he say dou sibeh sibeh creepy.! WTF !!
escepially, genting's hotel. adapavii. -.-
till then, its 12. so, we go alex makan
ah venn msg me she's goin t0o. hehe
we talked and laugh alot. XD
then, we went ''the store''
say dou the store sibeh siasui xia. ><
we went upstairs after yiyin and cheeyen bought shampoo.
we went to the teddy bears department.
when i thk of my fb friend, when i saw their pic that they took pic anywhere i jiu jealous.
then, i jiu ss with those teddy bears
unfortunately, cheeyen don't wanna join me.
after i snap kau kau,
i jiu find both of them lor.
then cheeyen saw a sibeh QQ bear.
she jiu start snap pictures with the bears.
slowly slowly, she get addicted.
her picture more then mine =.=
a worker there say ''hello''
that time we are still ss-ing
but i dont know that he is dedicating to us.
until we realise that, we quickily take our bag and ran away.
then i heard that people say ''why saw me run away''?
but actually we run away because we thought he wanna scold us and we're paiseh. =.=
adapavii. laugh die me xia.! =.=
laugh till me and cheeyen cnt walk. XD
1st time take pictures in the store
1st time run away till cnt walk.
sibeh sampat xia. XD
we went Q2 buy thing. XD
jiu go home jor.
remember that i told that yiyin gonna fatch me home.?
adapavii her lah. sendiri dono fetch ppl yau blame my bicycle imbalance pulak.
kiam pak.! XD
anyway, have fun with them. hehehe. =]

p/s : today's blog sibeh long. i know. -.-
first write dou gam long leh. *proud*
so many craps. XD
hope you wont mind.! =D

Friday, August 27, 2010


weehee. today have fun with my jimui !
cHeeYeN, CaRMeN, aNNie, YiYiN, XiNYi, Se0kGuaN, H0RYaN, SiNYaU.
have a lot a lot of fun.!
me and annie arrived there at 7something.
while waiting those xiao jie come, we go giant kia kia sin. XD
then, there comes cheeyen, yiyin, xinyi and carmen
we snap some pictures t0o. :D
then, we go to mcd wait seok guan, hor yan and sinyau come
adapavii. no place sit pulak.
then we saw a big place lah.
then itu yiyin and cheeyen dai dai staring at the place untill the ppl get lost.
haha.! finally get that place.
then go order food lor.
then its time to eat lah.
everyone is eating axcept me.
i'm eating + press hp.
then xinyi [ahma] jiu say
1st rule in our family.
no pressing hp while eating. =.=
zha tiok. okayy. fine. i stopped.
then my hp vibrates~
i jiu continue press press.
cheeyen saw it and stares at me.
i jiu take up my both hand and say
i dint press.! i really dint
*padahal my hp i put at my tigh*
then xinyi yau say.
2nd rule. no talking when eating. =.=
its so obvious that they are trying to bully me.
then jiu fine. i dwn talk. continue press press.
then xinyi saw it and rampas my hp.
kelian. she jiu say. after finish my food only can press. ish. fine.
eat finish jor i yau continue press press. hehe.
no rule this time. XD
we talked and laugh like siao lang. weehee. sibeh syok xia.!
but for them, most syok geh is bullying me.
they laughed dou sibeh jialat when i kena bullied.
mei liang xing.! wuwuwu T___T
but anyway, i'm happy to see them happy.
till then, we went go giant lah.
we wanna go the third floor.
so, we used lift.
adapavii.! i tell you. itu sinyau ss inside the lift.!
i jiu feels like gg.com
i paling scare ppl ss in the lift.!
i scare the ''mr or maybe mrs.piao''
watched bu 3 bu 4 de movie t0o muchie =.=
then i jiu tell her dont snap pic in lift.
i very scared.!
i more say she more snap.!
deii her.! zzz lah.
i sibeh scare xia. everyone laughing at me. ><
then i feels like wanna get out from the lift ASAP !!
i keep bang-ing the lift's door.
and shouted i wanna get out.!
then finally. fuuuuh~ never ever masuk giants lift jor.
makes me feels creepy.=.=
then jiu go back down masuk one stop
we met cassandra there. :D
then balik mcd gossip.! XDD
then feels like wanna but icecream
so we go back to giant mcd icecream there.
no ppl there. HAHAHA !
mana tau when i say i want......
the worker say '' sudah habis''
adapavii. we jiu go buy icecream in front of mcd geh icecream there.
till then, we go wash pic for jing tian master. ehem. XD
then cheeyen say wanna buy pocket knive.
go back one stop. but ngam ngam close jor.
but the workers are still there.
cheeyen say she wanna buy thing.
thee worker jau say. sorry. closed. come tmr.
then cheeyen jiu tell me.
got business also dwn do =.=
bomb dou.
then, while waiting cheeyen's bro fetch us go home,
cheeyen wanna buy drink at cool blog.
yau ane ngam closed wor.
cheeyen yau tell me the same word.
got business also dwn do.
i give her bomb kau kau. XD
then, her brother fetch me, yiyin and carmen home.
omg. her bro sibeh liang zaii.! ><
jealous she got a brother gam liang zaii. XD
hehe. okayy. lastly, i wanna wish my dear cheeyen.

Monday, August 23, 2010

heart of fencing - shining friends

A little faith
Brightens a rainy day
Life is difficult you can go away
Don't hide yourself in a corner
You have my place to stay

Sorrow is gonna say goodbye
Opens up
You'll see the happy sunshine
Keep going on with your dream
Chasing tomorrow sunrise
The spirit can never die

Sun will shine, my friend
Won't let you cry, my dear
Seeing you shed a tear ,make my world disappear
You'll never be alone in darkness

See my smile, my friend
We are with you, holding hands
you have got to believe, you are my destiny
We're meant to be your friends
That's what a friend should be

p/s : this song is me & maggie's sweet memory !!
and can be say i'm dedicating to someone t0o !!
my playlist number 2.^^

Saturday, August 21, 2010


hmmm. kinda bad day for me.!
firstly, i log into my fb
i saw my top news ~
winshean wrote about YOUR thing.
i feel like kinda weird. something must me wrong.
so, i searched YOU and see YOUR profile.
i saw your post that you are goin to a ____.
after that, my INVOLUNTARY ACTION begins.
my tears dropped on the spot.! ><
hmmm. everyone is worry bout YOU, care bout YOU.
i'm quite disappointed that i dint online last night.
and i'm the last one who knows YOU are goin to ____.
nobody tells my what happened.!
nobody informed me.!
i fell like i'm being ignored.!
i dont mean to blame on anyone.
i'm just disappointed.
i hope YOU can understand.
then, i wrote at YOUR profile. quite a number of friend like it. *proud*
then. i went for prayers.
i told my father, my grandma, grandpa and God to bless YOU.
i dont wanna see YOU so suffer anymore.
then, SOMEONE called to see YOUR blog.
SHE told me kinda sad and she bet i'll cry after i read that.
SHE told me SHE cried too.
i'm in the car that time.
i feels like OMG !! i'm so curious.!
then, bor bian. gotta sacrifice my RM5 jor.
when i get into my blog,
saw YOUR name in my link list,
i promised myself not gonna cry.
then i press YOUR name untill i get into YOUR bloggie.
useless me, silly me, my tear almost dropped on the half way while i read.
i wiped away and say to myself not gonna drop my tear this time.
who knows, my tear drop like a leakage when i saw my name inside.!
it was so gandong and sad too.
i know.! i know YOU'll be alright.
many people do loves YOU, cares YOU, and worry YOU.
i know YOU'll be tough and i know YOU wont let us down and disappointed.
YOU know what.?
when YOU entered my life, it is full of laughter.
when YOU entered my life, becomes more cheerful
when YOU entered my life, it is a rainbow.
without YOU, my life is colourles.
hey, i'm not gonna lose YOU and YOU are not gonna lose us too.
we'll always by YOUR side whenever or whatever happens to YOU.
YOU just remember that we'll always by YOUR side forever and ever.!
after this, i wanna see YOUR smile at YOUR face when YOU sees me
i wanna see YOUR laughter while we're talking.
i wanna see that. promise me kay.?

Sunday, August 15, 2010


开心到我吃醋了 ><

original written by,

p/s : yea. original written by me
and thx to my sifu dear teach me the word that idk. =]

Saturday, August 14, 2010






p/s : its a song lyric. sibeh meaningful.
so, i share share sama you all. XD

Friday, August 13, 2010

pictures ♥

Thursday, August 12, 2010

yesterday & today

dear bloggie, i'm gonna write about yesterday & today's
yesterday, i'm super damn freaking moody~
because of someone else~ hmmm
i tried to talk to you. really. but unfortunately, you replied me that way.
if someone greets you, but that ppl ignored you, how would you feel ?
especially she's someone that you care, that you loved.
how would you feel ?
for me, its like many many many knives stab on me !
i cnt accept that you really replied me that way !
because of you, i became moody, down.
because of you, i ate 5 scoops of ice-cream
because of you, i ate many things.
you might think that its my business.
but for me, i'm trying to release my anger to the food~
but, no use =.=
i'm wondering, i did anything wrong to you ?
or you mind that on monday morning i din talk to you when i sees you ?
okayy then, i'm SORRY ! i dont meant it.
i think alot and i wonder alot~
i hate this kind of feeling. do you know ? hmmm.
but luckily, i still have my friend to cheer me up !
especially annie ! thank you ! =)
if not, idk what's gonna happen !

p/s : i almost cried while i'm blogging. sigh.

okayy~ gonna say about today.
we : chiayee, chingyeng, cheeyen, yiyin & me gather in front if carmen's house for ''meeting''.
doooi~ kononnya meeting lah~ hehe
we talk and laughed alot !
have a looooooooot of fun t0o !
hehe~ chiayee send me shin chan's picture~
erm, its a picture of a small kid that looks alike shin chan~
sibeh QQ. like me leh. *aiai* XD
wan see jiu scroll down jekk~
-funny part-
carmen wanna learn to ride motor as chiayee had promise
her to teach her~
for the 1st time, carmen failed and fell down~
laugh die me xia ! hehe.
till then, i went home.
so, i cnt see carmen's 2nd and the 3rd try.
but i heard the 2nd try, its quite successful.
then the 3rd try, she made it. congrats to her ! hehe

pictures of aShin aChan ! xD

this is the one that chiayee sent to me.
i put this pic as my her contact picture.
hope you wont mind ! :D

i found this in fb ! QQ ! ^^

Sunday, August 8, 2010

happy day.! muax.! =)

today got grading~
wakup sibeh early xia~ 5.45am
den about 6.15 like that, i jiu go to yiyin's house
den sama sama wait master come fetch us~
hmmm~ after 15 minit like that, master came.
siew lam master is in the car t0o~
then leh, jau gogogo fetch annie~
then then leh, jiu go eat breakfast~ xD
siew lam master treat us leh~ hehehe~ miracle~
wakakakaka~ ate dim sum with tea tim~ syok !
you know what ? my master say, drink tea can become more fair~
i sibeh tan chun go believe~
i jiu ask master lor~ har ? reli can fair gah ?
then, everyone laughed at me =.=
den i jiu know apa dai ci jor~ yuan lai master lie me
zz him lah~ den hor~ i kena tipu again~
annie n yiyin jiu say i sibeh tan chun~ deii~ sibeh zzz
eat finish jor, jiu go doju~
fuyoh~ sibeh many karate's standing outside
okayy~ its yellow belts go exam jor~
including me lah.
we all do basic sin~ then hor, jiu 1by 1exam kata jor~
there are 8 yellow belts~
itu siew lam master purposely call other person do kata and i'm the one who is gonna play last~ =.=
even ah venn also realised that master purposely geh~ zz him.
its my turn jor, then i jiu play lah~
play finish two katas jor, suddenly master called me to do the third kata.
padahal, idk the third kata n yellow belt should be doin two kata
only =.=
if the master called you to do an extra kata, means you got the chance to jump belt~
but but~ aiks~ i missed it ! i miss the jump belt kata
sim tia~ but anyway, i'm satisfy~ hehehe
den 11.45 like that, wei hong master wan fetch us go home lah.
i jiu say dwn~ still early~ go long kai baru balik~
den he say no prob ! syok seii me xia.!
unfortunately, chee yen wan go home sin~
so, after fetch chee yen home, we jiu go long kai~
in the car, we : aLii, annie, yiyin n WH master like siao lang
laugh all the time~ non stop~
padahal, we dont know what are we laughing at. zz
buahahahaha~ inilah masanya i sibeh hepi~
itu budak named aChia aYee
she she she buy lolipop gib me leh~
aisyeh~ i hepi dou seii ah~
actually she owe me 6 lolipop jekk geh~
mana tau she buy 10 give me jekk~ wahahahahaha
i got take picture tim~

10 lolipops~ bola~ special xia~ xDD

dengan bangganya~ xD

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

august ! weeee !

muahahahahaha ! its august ! its august !
and i'm back to continue my blog after 1month =.=
weeeeee ! today my mood sibeh liang jekk !
at sch like siao por ane. XD
its recess time~
den i jau go recess lor~
den hor~ eat finish le hor~
i n my friends jau go kacau mei kei they all lor~
and then leh, we jau go to bookshop sama-sama~
itu yin sze~ suddenly say~
chin suet li li li li li !
den i jau call back her~
yin sze sze sze sze sze !
den i jau call everyone's name
including :
tan chee yen yen yen yen yen !
chong yi yin yin yin yin yin !
wan pooi yan yan yan yan yan !
sam swee ying ying ying ying ying !
lim car men men men men men !
khoo sin yau yau yau yau yau !
wong mun yin yin yin yin yin !
heng hui ting ting ting ting ting !
yok ! kana siao por ane leh ! xDDD
den i masuk kelas~ suddenly carmen say Qiu Ling find me~
i jau fast fast go find her before teacher enter the class~
when i'm there, i asked Qiu Ling lah~
apa lu mau ?
den she asked me pulak~ apa i mau ?
i gib her kek tiok !
den i jau say lah~ wong Qiu ling ling ling ling ling !
den i jau run balik class~
mana tau, itu mrs. Bohjit co us go library~
hehe~ i saw darling n chiayee's there~ i jau co them go in library wif us.
i'm wondering lah~ y chiayee bor class geh~
then she said : they all go see katak~
i jau hear rong~ har ? kata ?
*den i jau tot is the karate geh kata (formation)*
den she jau say : yea~ KATAK ! PEMBEDAHAN KATAK !
den i jau oooooooooh ! KATAK !
den someone asked why you din go see geh ?
den she said : dwn ! i sked !
yok ! laugh die everyone xia ! xDDD
chiayee at there sibeh ''san fu'' xia~
any teacher passed by in front of her, she tutup muka~
den darling jau beh tahan~
she jau go take a book pinjam chiayee tutup muka~
mana tau, gib itu pn.norazlina catch dou jor~
den pn.norazlina jau asked her blah blah lah~
den she jau go tell pn.fauziah.
den pn.fauziah jau SHOO SHOO chiayee from de library ! xD
den not long she came back in wif no footstep's sound
hak dou me n darling.
like saw dou ghost ane =.=
den chat chat, i jau balik class.
balik class only remember forget say to chiayee
ong chia yee yee yee yee yee xD
balik rumah, on fb, kacau dia !
weeee ! syok !
night goin to library ! teehee ! xP

p/s : hope august will be the better month ! *peace* !