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Monday, January 31, 2011

chinese new year ??

chinese new year is coming and it is very soon. 3 more days to go.
clothes were bought. house were cleaned. everything prepared.
but i still don't have the chinese new year feel till today =S
i bet this year's chinese new year will be boring >.<
not like others. chu 1 till chu 7 also full full.
how wish to be like them. JEALOUS.
nahh. nothing to blog liao. moody. ==!

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- aLii the blogger - *bian cui* :)

how wish i can have my life like others ;
but i don't wish much. i wants a simple life ;
i am me, so i'll appreciate and accept the fact ;
that THIS IS MY LIFE. oooh yeahh :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


hihi people ! i'm back ! ada miss me ? comfirm ada XD aiai
sigh. nowadays boe laptop give me use luu. gotta use desktop =.=
use desktop sibeh slow. so i might be online-ing on weekends only.
hmmm. might be blogging more about people today. zz.

- mother -

my mother bring her BOYFRIEND back to t.i last week.
i hate him. i feel like WHAT THE FRAK ? why you bring him back ?
when he came into the house, i called him uncle with insincere heart.
but i called him. i learnt how to be manners to everyone.
when i mom came in and before i call her, she asked me this at first place.
once she ask me this i feel like. deii ? super angry with my mom that time.
i tot she'll ask me how's my schooling or how am i doing.
but you ask me that first. i'm your daughter and you're my mom.
long time meet once never asked me how am i.
totally disappointed. and you want me call him as DAD ?
fuck off -.- this thing will never happen. NEVER ! >.<

- brother -

well, my brother went to kampar for studies. that's why bor laptop use.
but, there's one shocking thing. i, me, myself also can't believe it.
at first, i feel like omg ! how could i miss him ? crap.
but once i saw his luggage, clothes and laptop are gone, i cried >.<
super silly. i cried not because i miss the laptop ! but i miss him.
nobody gonna shout my name,
nobody gonna sing with my name,
nobody gonna counseling me,
nobody gonna take me go long gaii,
nobody gonna grab laptop with me,
nobody gonna zha me all the times,
nobody gonna help me to squeeze my blackheads out *sometime*
sigh. i'll try to use to without my handsome brother :)
i say him handsome lehh. later he saw sure kembang liao jekk :P

- schoolings -

as usual, there's a mountains of homework to do -.-
tired of it lah wehh. imma pemalas and i admit ! ><
err. mrs.ho is lent to sanmin for 1month + =.=
which means there'll be a new teacher to replace mrs.ho
i forgot what is her name, but she seems good lehh.
maybe haven't tunjukkan all the belang belang XD
i hope she's better than mrs. ho lahh *obviously* err. i blog until here sin lahh.
idk what to blog and i don't know when i can blog again.
so, i'll blog anytime i have opportunity to online like today XD

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- aLii the blogger -

Sunday, January 9, 2011

heeeeee :')

teeeeheee. went to giant today. since angelyn is off i can get discount on my stuff.
muahahaha. before that, i went to mcD with my dear, xiao ming and cheeyen :D
as usual, manyak benda mau cakap. hehe. kelian cheeyen sitting there like emo.
hahaha. paiseh hor :PP later, we went giant to buy my thing.
ya allah ya tuhanku~ baru go one stop i already spent RM70+ =.=
itu pun sudah discount for me. if not, i think got RM100 ba. adoii.
then, cheeyen and me went to giant punya inside walk walk.
bought shampoo. itu pun already RM30+ kaneh. sibeh sim tia @.@
then, walk to sacci buy my pin for schoolings. duhh~ =.=
macam ini also almost RM10 liao. wodemamapapaya >.<

we got nowhere to go. it was just 2.30 only padahal my ayi'll fetch me at 4 something.
cheeyen plan to go steak sit sit yi xia. she ordered cola + ice cream.
when the people come with her drink, both of us got shocked.
ohmigosh. her drink is super giant size. my eye gonna drop >.<
few minute later, receive a msg from ahh weng. she called me to go there.
when i arrived, she was busying with the customers.
i pretended to merajuk. hahaha. later, she let me play a game.
kids punya game. idk what it calls :S kinda childish buy i likeyyy XD
beh tahan. play till so syok so i bought one. but i gave it to my cousin sis T.T

i steam the boat in poh loong at night with ayi luu :)
eat till stomach also feel like gonna burst. some more want call me eat eat eat.
zz. =='' went back kaima house, i gave her the clip i bought for her.
she told me she like it so muchiie && my clip nicer than my mummy bought for her.
hahaha. sibeh proud and sibeh gamdong yi xia :') suddenly,
she mention about SPM and target me at least 4A's @@
* my dear kaima ya. you target hai man imba yi xia *
i sendiri target all get credit also haleluyah lor. some more 4A's =.=
you mau bagi i stress stress kah ? i know its for my own good.
my result might disappoints you BUT i'll try my very best :)
thank you. I LOVE YOU KAIMA !! i really do !! mwahx

a week ago, i get some compliments from my friend :DD
not compliments actually. but for me, its quite touching. hee ^^

from sorpoh xin yi
222! You rock my life! from the starting, til now, you positive energy giver, that's why i could cheer up every time i saw you! your 38-ness drove me crazy buy me likey! hope all these will stayyy :)

from ahh dong
LOLIPOP , great to know you.
you had bring joys and laughters to me. not to forget , sad moments too !
HAHA. 'suan le ba ~' XD
miss the moment we spend time in pbhp library ;
miss the moment we crap together after school after school ;
miss the moment we 'date' ;
miss the moment we talked in the phone although it happened once or twice ;
and miss your laughter too !
study smart for your coming coming coming spm.
do not always call me to update blog padahal yours also tak update.
&& do not forgive me ! piak you de ah.
keep in touch :P take care.


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appreciated :')

Monday, January 3, 2011

=) ♥

wulala~ i'm back to blogger. miss me leh ? ehem !
2011 jor luu. adapavii. stress year. adoiihaii ><
everytime assembly sure got mention about SPM.
haiz. i love my form 4 life more more more !!
i feel like bu xi guan for the first day coz last year's form 5 senior ain't there.
kinda miss them pulak. i rather become junior also mai form 5 ><

- cut cut cut -

erm, nothing to blog actually but someone call me to update punya ==''
but she sendiri also bor update geh. heh ! ><
zz her :PP nvm. lets talk about my holidays. hehe.
i went one stop for my holidays -.- worked there 1 month plus luu.
salary still haven't get. waiting tmr !! gotta get my salary tmr !! hehe.
i miss one stop lah ><
not included angelyn XP miss them so muchiie ><
i'm happy working at there but pissed off sometime. haha.
i miss the time we laugh, talk, scream, yell, GOSSIP :P
i miss the time you all bully me t0o -.- ><
for dear, i miss the word 我不要跟你好,我不要跟呢讲话了 && when i play with you.
for lee ming, i miss our yoyo, wassup && the finger && the time we curi tulang.
for chee kuan, i miss your voice !! i miss when you get crazy with me. hehe.
lastly, this ppl out of my topic. muahaha.
for piao er, happy working there ! i'll go find you every saturday, I THINK :D
hou sam lei lah. sleep earlier lah. today late to work && cnt punch card jor lor.
tell you how many times sleep earlier mai hear. dai seii you :PP
oh ya, miss your ah piao voice t0o. keke *blushes*
okayy lah. tak tau want write what jor. tata XD

p/s : to be continued

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米修米修 :)