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Monday, July 25, 2011

no title ! HAHAHAHA

i can't sleep last night. sort of .. erm, can be called as insomnia ?
i don't know what to do. until i suddenly think of you.
to be more straight to the point, IMISSYOUSOSOMUCHIIE :P
but after i think about you, i am getting emo and emo-er.
i never know why. i feel like express my emoness but i can't express here.
and i had never plan to do so. so, i wrote everything in my draft.
i hope you can see it one day so that you can understand, why :))

okay, stop my emoness and going to next topic :D

guess what ? i studied at SMK Convent for 5 years, this is the first time i take prize in front of so many people. HAHAHAHA. so bagan ! but proud xiaa.
what prize i get ? hehehe. remember i post my colouring contest ?
yeah ! that one. i shouted *HARRRR ?!* when my name are called XD
i was shocked. i was wondering, my this kind of colouring also can win ?
3rd prize among of many contestant tim. maybe face problem :P
i tarak tipu tipu punya lehh. ada prove ! lets see :DD

# tadaaa ! :PP

# 3rd prize punya prize XD

# it is a sketch book. exactly what i think XD

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

Saturday, July 23, 2011


back again people == you all sure zz coz i update everyday ><
people update once or maybe twice a week but i update everyday.
but i will try not to online so much after my 30 hour famine trip :)
cut the crap and lets get started !

went to karate training this morning as usual.
there's a new member coming but master give us do weird action ==
he always did that when there's new member. muscle pain now ><
about 11 something, it rained. raining so damn heavy !
tot of going the store later to buy bottle but still manage to go there :D
before that, me, yiyin, annie and sin yau went sister lai for lunch.
the food there not bad but the price is quite expensive ><

# i don't know what am i doing ==

# eating ice while waiting for food. STARVING ! ><

# yay ! my spaghetti !

# *hot hotttt !*

# HAHAHA ! snathing for ice cream again :PP

# holding sin yau's phone

# guess what are we doing ?! playing games XD

# the tissue game :)

# help sin yau SS :P

# bills :DD

next station, heading to the store XP ! we went to teddies there again.
as sin yau say, ganti balik yesterday's memories. HAHAHAHA.

# front view

# back view

# their babies ! HAHAHAHAHA !

# my bao beii. BAHAHAHA :P

and finally,

# three pai-tiongs :P credits to yiyin :)

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :P

Friday, July 22, 2011

crazy memories :')

asalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera ! wahahaha.
saw my title up there ? oh yess ! i love today so much !
but then there is no picture for today. sorry readers :(
it was schooling. i can't bring handphone to school. duhh ><
HAHAHA ! you can leave if you not interested to continue reading.


*ehem ehem* first of all, i feel relax for today's schooling.
really ! i don't know why. maybe no accounts and economy XD
HAHAHA *this is what my friends told me* hehehehe.
my memories today started at the canteen :) LETS GO !

pn.annisah absent today. so cik.mazura enter for relieve.
pn.anissah leave us homework but we didn't do XD
we were planning for yiyin's birthday party next month ==
as today's timetable, we recess at 10.50am, second recess.
cik.mazura leave us 5 minute earlier for recess :P
we went all the way to canteen. NOBODY WAS THERE. hehe.
if i'm not mistaken, there were two classes second recess today.
as me and yiyin's attitude, we always run to the roti canai there and see who order first ! first come first serve. uncle always laugh at us XP
after that, mun yin came and say 'damia wants to recess with us'
i say ! come come ! more people more re nao ! hehehe.

but after we took our roti canai, back to our table, there is not only damia. a lot more ! malay, chinese, indian also got ! like a happy family. so warm XP
we mengamalkan konsep 1 MALAYSIA ! HAHAHAHA XD
but then we missed out chee yen and carmen coz they absent today :(
if not. i think it will be more warm :D we eat, we talk, we laugh, we share food, we gossips, we shouted just because of a cat ! XD
funny duhh ! HAHAHA. we recess until forgot time.
don't have any prefect to blow whistle today. bahahaha.
raiza, the pai-tiong say next time combine table and recess together again !

back to class, MATH TIME ! awww. my favourite ! hehehe.
teacher gave us a sheet of paper of probability for revision.
i know how to do ! i even teached my friend :DD *proud*
some question seems challenging. me and sii pai-tiong, raiza always quarrel just to solve a math question. we quarrel for correct answer.
ahahaha ! biasa dy. we always did that. gaduh mesra. HAHAHA.

finish about schooling. now heading to next story :P
i stayback every friday until 3.30pm for extra classes.
but then, it is cancelled. actually the planning is do homework.
but you know what we did ? HAHAHAHAHA.
firstly, we went alex for lunch as usual. our 'old place'
after finishing our lunch, annie ordered ice cream with 5 spoons.
HAHAHA ! so jit toh ! one ice cream 5 people eat XD

me and sin yau keep on snatch the cococrunch, chocolate and longan !
until it drop to the table only blame on each other.
HAHAHAHAHA. laugh till i cannot breathe man ! seriously :P
finish one plate, sin yau order another plate. we play snatching again.
so pity the ice cream. but i say 'qiang de dong xi bi jiao hao chi' XD
then, we went the store 'awhile'. our awhile is, err, erm. hahaha.
you know i know lahh harr XP me, yau and, annie walk till the teddy bear department while yiyin and mun yin at downstairs to buy facial thingy.

there were 3 big same teddy with 3 different colour.
i took the brown, annie the yellowish, yau the pinky !
we played there same as we play 'papa and mama'
childish daoo laugh diee me till me and annie ROFL !
sin yau made us laugh the most. stomach pain mannn !
i wonder if yiyin and mun yin there more crazy. bahahaha.
but unfortunately, we don't have camera :( if not i already post here.
well, no camera nevermind. most important, our friendship will never end !
i think i shall stop ! too long dy >< i bet readers sure get bored :(
i already warn you ! my blog, my rules. i blog anything i like XD


- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :P

Thursday, July 21, 2011

lens. HAHAHA ! :P

hello hello ! today's post will be a short post.
gotta offline after update my bloggie :D

i waste my money on lens this time. first time in my life.
i bought it from my friend and it costs RMXX :P
i don't know why i spend my money for this kind of thing.
maybe friend's influence and will make my eye bigger ?
i don't know. i now started to wear lens but next time ?
omg. i just couldn't imagine how it will be :P

# super barbie flower lens. grey colour :P

# but it looks like purplish here. quite nice :D

and oh ! just finished help my kaima do mask just now.

# bought at guardian. this one not bad :D

that's it. currently don't have my SS picture when i'm wearing lens.
still don't know how to catch the angle so that my lens can be seen.
HAHAHAHA ! finish updating. gotta offline ! tata readers :P

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace*

Sunday, July 17, 2011

loving you - leona lewis

Lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful
Makin' love with you is all i wanna do
Lovin' you is more than just a dream come true
And everything that i do is out of lovin' you
La la la la la la la... do do do do do

No one else can make me feel
The colors that you bring
Stay with me while we grow old

And we will live each day in springtime
Cause lovin' you has made my life so beautiful
And every day my life is filled with lovin' you

Lovin' you i see your soul come shinin' through
And every time that we oooooh
I'm more in love with you
La la la la la la la... do do do do do


credits to google ! hahaha. it is a quite old song.
but it appears in TV show yesterday 'the legend of Brown Eye Girls' :)
the whole song is soft and nice. makes me salutes her alot !
love it especially the 'lalala' part and high pitch ! i wanna sing like her T.T
well if you realised, i put this song in my playlist. second one :)
you can click >I at my music box if you wants to hear :DD

and oh, almost forgotten ! this is my 100TH POST XD
happy 100th post my dear bloggie ! more post soon :P

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :P

Thursday, July 14, 2011

she, my best friend ever :)

i miss someone. someone that i missed the most :))
someone that i never seen her after PMR result ><
she had been my best friend for 2 years and its not a long time :(
but she moved to KL after PMR and will be studying there.
she is YAP XIN. i always call her ye xinn or itik ! XD
she is a pretty yet she is good in her studies :PP

i miss the laughter, gossips, quarrel, and ZHA PO !
HAHAHAHA ! all those memories will be in my heart forever :P
when i go back KL, i go date you ya ! its a promise :DD
there she goes, my bestiie ! don't kena sot oh ! hehe

i don't have much pictures of her's. when i was form 2 and 3,
hahaha. i'm still using the no-coloured-phone XD
so pity lah me ! that's why i don't have her pictures :(
anyway, i had never forget youuu and still miss you.
we : aLii, yap xin, carmen, mun yin, sin yau, sin li, xin yi, yi yiyin.
we are the gossip girls' group forever :P

# HAHAHAHA ! i love youu :P

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :P

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


HAHAHAHAHA ! i finally can open PLKN's page ! XD
taadaaa ! *my pictures today not really interesting* ><

# typing my ic number :P

and i get this !

# maaf! anda tidak terpilih untuk menyertai PLKN siri 9/2012 !
terima kasih ! hehehe. click to enlarge :DD

i cheched for my friends too. yiyin, suga, mun yin and kar seng.

this is yiyin one XP

# congratulations yiyin :))
don't cry dy lahh deii.
once in a lifetime :D

and this is suga's one XP

# this would be suga's bad news tomorrow.
hahaha. all the best my dear :))

however, mun yin and kar seng not being elected :(
yiyin and suga don't wanna get elected but ==
mun yin and kar seng wants to be elected but ==
ZZ ! hahaha. anyway, good luck. enjoy yourself ya :]

- end of post -
stay tuned *peace* :P

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


# grrr. i HATE this =.= reloaded from yesterday till today.
i still cant get into this page and i don't know how my brother can --
so my brother checked for me and the result is

happy but kinda sad too :( coz lots of people said that was was fun.
i wanted to go there play too ! regret for saying i don't wanna go :S
can i request there ? hahaha. omg ! what am i saying ? :P bor bian lah.
government chosen me to stay here and BERKHIDMAT untuk TI XD

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :P

Thursday, July 7, 2011

desktop background :))

i changed my new desktop background !
its SNSD's yoona and sunny ! my favourite artiste !
it was simply nice but it looks empty before i edit

# original picture from google.

# after edited ! :P SNSD
it wrote there 'moments like these are PRICELESS'

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :P

Sunday, July 3, 2011

korean band :]

realising that hor yan aka biao mei love korean thingy so much.
omg. she is so damn crazy about korean band especially.
she even know know to speak and write. i'm so outdated ==
she can tell you all the band member and this is what i'm gonna write today.
after she know i'm blogging bout this, she keep rush me. adoi~

i finally finished searching all the korean band as my biao mei said !
let me introduce them to you. ladies group first :P
please enjoy your reading ! :))


[ girls band ]

---------------------------- TOP FAVOURITE BAND ----------------------------

yess ! they are well-known as GIRLS GENERATION aka SNSD
they were my favourite and i love yoona and sunny the most X)

-------------------------------- 2ND FAVOURITE BAND -------------------------------


----------------------------- ALL KOREAN BAND I LIKE -----------------------------











[ boys band ]

--------------------------TOP FAVOURITE BAND--------------------------

they are well-known as SUPER JUNIOR :P
i hate them because they are so cuteeee !
i love them because they can melts me too. wahahaha.

--------------------------- 2ND FAVOURITE BAND ---------------------------


------------------------- ALL KOREAN BAND I LIKE ------------------------











this is a new band. quite cute :P

went to tuition today and annie buy me a angry bird shirt.
hahaha. damn happy. i can do angry bids collection d =='
let me show you my shirt :DD

# simple and nice :)

# look ! my angry bird can fit perfectly ! :P

# oops ! XD

# angry bird got partner d XP

# jeng jeng jengggg :P

# just for fun. hahaha XDD

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace*