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Sunday, September 23, 2012

TARC Alumni Night ❤

yay ! back to bloggie :P ehehehehe ^^
there's an event on last Friday, 20th Sept 2012 called as TARC Alumni Night :)
people go there pay RM80. i go there for FREE for having Choir performance ^^
some more got leng zaii kap, same table with leng zaii, snap picture with leng zaii ! :P
one of them looks like a Hong Kong artiste Edison Chen LOL! XD

but i don't think so that i have the group picture after performance where the "saxophonist" is inside.
not yet upload i guess. as i know, the media / journalist have it. some more a lot timmm! XD
anyway, i feel so sorry to the "saxophonist" cause i did something very wrong as i mentioned in Twitter /_\
to anyone who don't have my Twitter or don't have a Twitter account, i'm gonna say it again here.

it happened on out photography session after our Choir performance.
the first time was normal. everyone stand in a comfortable way including me.
the medias came to take our picture too XD they came one by one.
it makes me feel like an artiste and i don't know which camera should i focus on XP

then, we all thought photography session ended, so we plan to go back to our seats.
suddenly, one of the media ask us to take photo once more. 
then i was like O.O since i'm not that kind of camera shy, so i rushed to the front! ahahahah!
because it was too crowded, so accidentally clung onto the "saxophonist"'s hand and did LOVE SIGN
don't know which chicken instruct us to do that sign. if not this incident won't happen! >.<

i realized it after the second photography session ended. i get too over-exited dy /_\
i feel so super duper triple vegetable mega giga SORRY bytes! LOL >.<
i didn't know whether he got realized or not, i still feel guilty (even though i'm a bit happy)
ahhhhhhhh! anyway, i feel satisfy for the Choir performance XD "Laman Song" ahahahaha!

so yeah, time for pictures!! ^^

with Moon unnie :) she very pretty ehhhhh! :D

with Flora unnie :) she very thin lorrr! she told us even XS size is still big for her :O

with Weicy :) active girl :D

with Weicy & Hui Ying unnie ^^

with Moon unnie & Hui Ying unnie :P

with Moon unnie, Weicy & Flora unnie XP

sit one table's friends :D
Edison Chen is here! XD

big group photo! =P (before performance)

ahhhh, before i end this post, i want to complain about my timetable -_-

omgg! see?! Monday to Friday 8am tutorial except Wednesday -_- want skip also cannot!

another one last thing! about my final examination result!

okayy, i'm not proud, not to show off. nothing to be show off. CGPA 2.8 show piku ?
this is my final examination result! even though my CGPA is 2.8, i already feel satisfy.
all pass! thank god :'D pinky promise that i will work hard for this sem! :)
i'll try my best to maintain my CGPA :) all the best for me!

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP


Thursday, September 13, 2012

dramas, AGAIN XP

5 days more. another 5 more days i'm gonna finish my sem break :)
i can't wait for next sem ! no, i actually missed my friends there A LOT ! XP
4 weeks. already 4 weeks i didn't go back hostel dy. i kinda miss the smell there ! -_-

i stayed at Teluk Intan for 10 days hanging out with my friends. *HAPPY* :D
also spend my free time to finish my drama XD i mean The Moon That Embraces The Sun :P
since there's no wi-fi at kaima house due to nobody use it anymore since i move out, i came back KL earlier.
no online i macam can die. HAHAHAH. but when i come back KL, it become more bored -_-

i can't go out. i mean, yes, but nobody fetch me. i don't really know how to go a place with public transport.
i must learn one day. i can't just rely on my mummy only right ? :) wait. just wait and see :D
so i spend at home sleep, eat, watch drama -_- yes, since my sem break, i become Drama Queen -_-
no i mean, not that acting stuff la. i mean watch drama la XD : youdon'tsay : -_-
so yeah, here's two dramas. this is one of the drama that i just finish watching. "49 Days"

this is a 2011 drama. i know i VERY OUTDATED -_- but anyways,
can fight with "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" coz it makes me cried a lot at the end T.T
thanks to #William -_- he introduced this drama. he say very gamdong till can cry and blah blah.

this unnie very pretty ehhhhhh :D especially when she is sad, she looks like a doll :P she is Nam Gyu Ri :)

see ? :)

oh yea, Jung Il Woo is acting in this drama too :) as a scheduler ^^ handsome :D


next, the drama i'm currently watching, "To The Beautiful You" :D waiting for episode 9 put online :)
its a Korean version of "Hanazakari no Kimitachi" remember 花样少年少女 ? that one is Taiwan version :P

SHINee's Min Ho got act in this drama  :D but i like Lee Hyun Woo more !
he acted as Cha Eun Gyeol in To The Beautiful You ^^ he so CHOMEL ehhhhhh ! adorable :D


image image

how can i not adore this cute guy ?! tell me how ? :P


later in episode 9, he will cut his hair and become lengzai ! i saw episode 9's trailer ! :D
i can't wait for episode 9 !! MUEHEHEHEHE :P

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Subang Empire Mall :)

okayy, look. this thing is quite long time ago. 2 weeks before my finals :P
it just crossed my mind so i just want to share to you guys :)

this is Subang Empire Shopping Mall :D

now this is what i want to show you. the main point :D
this is a slide which is 50 meters long from 4th floor until LG :O
i can't believe that i had sat this ! HAHAHAHAH. one person for RM10, two person for RM15 !
even though its kinda expensive, but seriously, TOTALY WORTH IT :P
i ride this with my room mate Jaclyn :D two person. so its RM7.50 each. okayy la XD

JANG ! these are the picture after the ride XD weehee ! :P
crazy ride XP i feel like riding again, seriously. HAHAHAHAHAH.
if you got go to Subang, make sure you go to Empire and ride this ! :P

my biggest enemy shouldn't be a person from Seoul, Korea T.T anyway, this is just for fun :P

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP


Monday, September 3, 2012

once upon my childhood X'D

i love this picture so damn much ! 
once upon a time, the left one is ME and the right one is my cousin sister, Hor Yan which is 1 year younger than me :)
once upon a time, grandma ALWAYS buy same outfit for us XD we seriously looks like twins. eheheheheh XP

i went to grandma's house yesterday morning, grandma house is either going to sell or rent since no one stay there.
so we emptied half of the house yesterday and those unwanted one we donate it to recycling center :)
after that we went through all the old picture. omgg, my grandma have at least 50 albums ? :O
we took the albums and pictures that we wanted and so yeah, this is one of my favourite childhood picture :P
cute right ? XD both of us smiled brightly even my eyes are 'one line' -.- HAHAHAHAHAH :P

i miss my childhood. i miss my grandma. i miss everything when i am still dai dai XP time flies :)
 things changed, feeling changed, people changed even the world changed, pictures never change :)

things end. but memories last forever 

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP