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Thursday, January 10, 2013

sem break, Genting Trip :)

hello January, hello 2013 and hello sem breakkkkk! :P muahahahahaha xD
had an awesome 2 Days 1 Night Genting trip with bestie Xiao Xi, Tiffany, Yen, Xiao Hui and Brandon :D
me and Xiao Hui had a little conflict at night but we are back to normal :) anyways, pictures time :'D

while waiting bus U24 :P

jang! arrived cable car station :P

woohooo~ here we go :P

so yeah, started to do selfcam in the cable car with many patterns :P

Xiao Hui :)

with two leng moiis :P

she got no mood to SS actually because she is real Real REALY afraid of cable car and height xD
keep shouting non stop and keep pull my arms. so difficult for me to do selfcam LOL :P

Xiao Hui while waiting others checking in for First World hotel :D

arrived our room ^^

with Yen, the nv qiang ren :P

eeee, i damn like this one la xD face like so innocent LOLOLOLOLOL =="
macam got make up and my eyes also macam got draw eye liner! really macam yes hor? xD

two qiao po :P Yen + Xiao Hui


me heart this! looks so pretty so polite but -.- PICTURES TIPU ORANG PUNYA! :P opps xD

three pretty ladies xD

our sleeping Buddha LOL xD

JANG! that's why we called him as slepping Buddha :P

look who is prettier? xD *eyes on the left* xD zi lian! LOL

*kiss kiss* :P

two zi lian po :P

and then become THREE! :P

this siao po want to follow my pattern to take a picture like that :P
anyways, this picture also credits to me cause i snap for her one xD

SNACKS MONSTER! but i'm the seaweed monster :P

with Xiao Xi ^^ aka Japanese po :P

Xiao Hui act cute xD *chuuuuuu*

the the pictures above is from our room. HAHAHAHAHA, wtff? but i really like the lightnings there!
the best place to take selfcam as you can see us as the prove LOLs :P

Pizza for our lunch :D

watching CZ12 xD

Tiffanyyyy! LOL, she make up because she want to try go in casino with Yen but cannot :P
both also cannot! dai seiii :P laugh die us! HAHAHAHAHA!

people go Genting happy happy she go Genting to read xiao shuo? bo hor seh xD

ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, pretty laydehh! :P

me macam ada sleepy eyes LOL :P

night time, Starbucks :D Ms.Shirleyy ^^

next afternoon, going down! bye Genting :P

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP