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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

keep fit XD

i'm back ! i'm back again. HAHAHAHAHAHA !
based on my title above, [ fuyohh, so formal ] XD
you guys sure weird right ? even my kaima also don't believe.
HAHA ! firstly, i finally finished my lolipop ! *within 2days* =.=
from the pretty one into THIS ONE !

# i eat this while study XD

after my kaima went out, i on my DVD. its all korean band song and most of them is my favourite. i couldn't concentrate with my study as my eyes are stuck on the TV :PP so i close my book, sing and dance whenever i feel like dancing. i dance like a CHICKEN =.= and who cares ? nobody inside the house XD DANCING CAN MAKE US THIN ! CAN KEEP FIT ! HAHAHA. main point ! :P and please don't imagine how i dance please >< kinda siasui one lehh XPP

about 5.30, went speedy for jogging with Chia Weii aKa Ahh Swift !
we ran about 6-7 round ba. HAHAHAHA. keng lehh ? :P
we shared a lot of things too. shhhh. secret XD
SS-ed before back ! :))

# i looks like a =.= pai-tiong =.=

# two bagans XD yeah i know. ChiaWei fairer ><

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stay tuned ! *peace* :PP


Monday, August 29, 2011

baby-kyuhyun ♥


its all about my BABY-SWEETPIE, CHO KYUHYUN ♥

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stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

Saturday, August 27, 2011

om nom ♥

hello readers ! back to blogger :DD miss me ? HAHAHAHA.
will be a short post here :)) have you all been played [ cut the rope ] ?
usually, you can play in iPhone. let you see yah ! :PP

# this one ! have you ever play ? :DD
the spider inside also quite cute XP

# and this is the one, OM NOM

# OMGOSH ! see ! how lovely ! :DD! where can i get this ?

but i think currently no ppl heng this thing. ppl heng ELMO now.
but i now heng OM NOM more XD wish to own it one day :))!
how about my ANGRY BIRD ? i like them too. hmmm "/
but still, love SHIN CHAN and KUMA-KUMA [ tortoise ] i don't know which one should i put at the first place XD omg. so many things /.\
conclusion, I LOVE 4 OF THEM :DD

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stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

Friday, August 19, 2011


hello hello ! just a short post here :DD
i'm super super exited for tomorrows party.
we celebrated yiyin + chee yen's birthday together tomorrow.
i bet it will be very funnnnn XD just couldn't imagine it.
hohoho. the plannings, foods, games, everything, makes me wanna turn the clock right now. hahaha. left me and xin yi the youngest in our family :P
well, after this party, there will be no more enjoy and outings :(
exam is just around the corner. i still can so relax /.\ ><
grr. don't care, don't care. just looking forward for tomorrow !

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stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 hour famine `饥饿30` :))

hello hello ! based on my title and picture above, you guys should can guess what i'm going to write right ? HAHAHA. pandaii betoii ! XD
it is friday today. which means i left my camp for 5 days dy.
i miss them so so so so much :(( time flies like i am with them 3 hours only ><
i will go back next year ! my promise. hope next year's camp 5 days 4 night.
HAHAHA ! okayy ba. let me continue my story start from sin yau's house.
having reunion dinner at yau's house. HAHAHA. as usual, i SS-ed :P

about 8.15, sin yau's mom fetch us to bus station.
we waited there about 30 minutes the bus only come ==
we : yau, chee yen, mun yin, venn, da liy and xiao li [me] go only.
i also don't know. makes my mummy worried. SORRY :(
we sat at the PALING LAST PUNYA SEAT ! oh gg.com ><
on our way, i couldn't count how many time we have to fly.
i learnt something, never sit at the last seat in bus ==

# waiting for bus. HAHAHAHA.

we arrived there about 12 am. gosh ! the bus station there like airport.
i wanted to snap picture but i scared. bi jing now hungry ghost month.
the place is so big and it is midnight dy. where dare snap ==
few minutes later, da liy's friend came fetch us ! thank you :DD

we arrived destination about 12.45 coz we went mcD before that.
my first impression of that school is OMGEEEE ! damn big.
it was just primary and it is err erm, 5x bigger than our school !
no jokes ! even the field is already like our school so big.
macam 5 star school ! samo got lift and i looks like bagan here ==

# we are the only group who overnight on friday :P
oh ya ! we overnight at SMJK (C) Perempuan Klang.

------------------------------- [ saturday morning ] -------------------------------

# HAHAHAHA ! was playing with venn's eye mask.
i snapped as soon i woke up :P laugh die mee XD

# right view ! there is a railway station there :D

# below view ! there is a garden in the school :D

# left view :)) LIMA TINGKAT wehh :PP

after our bathe and etc, we went outside sneak for food XD
*[ venn haven't upload the pictures we snapped at the kopitiam ]*
will upload back if the uploaded :)) the kopitiam is damn antique :P

# 30 hour famine [ 饥饿 30] is officially begin :))

# my group's name, 老人痴呆成 XD there are 14 of us in a group.
but i don't really remember all their names :P

# you can see how big the hall is. 2x bigger than our dewan bandaran /.\
for this camp in this school, there are 700+ all together :O
in between all these activities, we played games XD

# with chui venn :DD

# right side, she is our DUI ZHANG`` i miss her ><

-------------------------------- [saturday night ] --------------------------------

# tadaa ! i went up the stage as EDDIE chose me when i raise up group's flag.
i feel like *arrrrggghhhh* damn damn happy XD i'm shaking !

# look at my enemy ! stand at my right side. pek chek her !
she go called EDDIE to KISS HER HAND and EDDIE did :((

# he very leng zaii de lor. let me give you see this picture at FB

# uisyehh. *heart melts* LENG ZAI XIAA !!

# EDDIE added me in facebook ! HAHAHA. don't jealous people :PP

-------------------------- [ sunday morning ]--------------------------

all of us gotta wake up at 6am and gotta gather at hall before 7 am !
so i woke up at 5.30am to bathe and etc X-x aduhaii.
btw, we slept in the hall. super cold ! shivering middle of the night ><

# our certificate :DD HAHAHAHA.

about 8.30am, we aboard bus and move to STADIUM BUKIT JALIL !
there is 8000+ people attend to BUKIT JALIL. imagine it XP

# the environment inside sibeh HIGH ! XD

# ah niu. the main singer for this year :PP
we countdown for our 30 hours of hunger.

after 5 4 3 2 1 ! woots` everyone open their bread that supplied by gardenia.
i feel like that bread is the most delicious bread i've ever eat ! HAHAHA
i feel so grateful. it makes me understand how the poor country's people hunger for food. even it is just i small piece of bread, i feel so great !

my group [ 老人只呆成 ]
i will miss you guys :')

- end of post -
stay tuned ! * peace*

psst : trial exam is just around the corner !
gonna work hard for it. study mood come come !
not gonna online and blog so much ><
so don't miss me :P baibaii !