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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

saturday~ 3/7/2010 - off to KL ! weehee !

weehee ! i went to KLCC !
i'm so exited cuz i'm going to the
omg omg ! when i arrived~ i like a bagan never go outstation b4 !
and then, at 10sharp, i go into de hall
omfg ! de hall is is is is is so beautiful untill i dono how to say it !
it reli nice ! reli beautiful in there !
i wish to snap pictures but i cant~ hp, camera is NOT ALLOWED ! ==
when i get in there, the 1st person i met is Kevin Hathway~
he is a presenter~ he is a very funny n friendly person from british~
he talks a lot of jokes for us~
he even let the instuments play by anyone is so damn lucky chosen by him~
oh ya! olmost 4get to tell bout my handsome conductor~
he is Matthew Coorey !
when he is conducting, omg ! he is super duper cool man !
muahahahahahahahahahaha !
when the orchestra started to perform,
i'm so sooooooo nervous ! its my 1st time in my whole life !
den, when a song, i dono which song,
a girl, a lucky malay girl was chosen by de presenter to replace de real conductor n the malay girl b de fake conductor for few minutes~
she is so damn lucky ! WTF !
oops~ sorry~ i cnt control myself~ xD
de orchestra is bout 1hour~
after then, after finish de show, v shopped ! xD
syok ah ! but but~ de thing is so so so so ''CHEAP'' !
u noe~ KLCC mah~ sure '' cheap'' lah~ xD
i met my mummy there ! hehehe !
v walk n walk, shop n shop,
u noe wat i saw ? DO U NOE WAT I SAW ?
i saw an artiste~ weehee !
if i'm not mistaken, her name is Zhong Xiao Yu~
she sibeh sibeh lenq luii xia !
yau lenq luii, yau fair, yau thin, skin yau sibeh lenq t0o !
when she pass by me,
my eye keep *blink blink blink*
tat time i gong gong dai dai jor !
she smiled at me leh ! muahahahahahahahahahaha !
hepi hepi xia !
den v gogogo shop shop shop again~
even i juz buy 3 things oli but it costs me bout 60+++ ah !
sim tia~ pk jor lor~ xD
but nvm ! i'm still hepi shop wif my babes
and many many leng zaii ang mor langs~
muahahahahahaha !

Sunday, July 4, 2010

thursday~ 1/7/2010 - char kuey tiaw-ing !

muahahahahahahahahaha !
2day wakup sibeh early n sibeh fresh !
i'm recover from my headache n fever !
woohoo ! syok sei me ah~
2day pj sibeh sien~
teacher co us play mai de kindergarden children play geh thing~ zzz
about 10something, v got penggambaran at hall
deii la~ itu sei yeh chiayee lah !
when de ppl wan 2 start 2 snap de pic,
i olmost laugh out~
wanna noe y ?
neh~ itu chiayee lah~
in front of my class geh ppl say ''PEACE'' !
zzz her ! i cnt tahan~
i wanna laugh~ but i kek ! @@
den de second pic, i serious abit~ xD din laugh
sei yeh la~
if nex year majalah my pic not nice i wai lei si man ah !
hehe~ den go home jor~ same lah~ slip~
den go ttn~
cum bek makan jor go on9~
den chiayee msg me wan gogogo makan char kuey tiaw ?
muahahahahahahaha ! on ! hehe~
i go ther sit sit coz i ate lur~ xD
b4 go ther chiayee say wanna fetch me~ xD
de zzz de part is she co me bring helmet along~
like lah my house sibeh far lidat but my house actually sibeh near oli~
go ther keng keng keng kai ! xD
den so ngam chiawei n her cousin sister cum pulak~
foooooyooooh ! her cousin sister sibeh leng luii xia !
leng luii dao sot dou me ah ! weehee !
den 10.30 lidat jau gogogo home lu~
teehee ! den i go home tek de piggy gib her~ xP
hepi xia !

tuesday~ 29/6/2010

aiyok ! 2day hor~ i get sick~
in a sudden~
story begins in sch~
b4 recess i sibeh active xia !
after recess jau lam piek piek jor~
zzz ! terbalik geh~
ppl after recess active b4 recess lam piek piek~
haiyo ! xD
i oso dono y geh~
after recess jau started to gettin headache
den my whole body is gettin hoter n hotter~
look~ my body gettin hot but i feel that i'm gettin cold~
i feel gonna fainted !
go back home,
i bath~ i cried while i bath~
i had no energy to take the water n bath
and i'm super cold !
den i jau fast fast bath untill i'm out from de bathroom !
my kai ma n kai ye look at me n their eye, *blink blink*
den my kai ma asked me,
how come u 2day bath so fast?
i gib her zzz dou~
den i lied~ err~ de water cold mah~
she say har? i juz now bath normal oli mah o u din bath?
den my eye open wide n say~
i got bath ah ! de water cold mah !
den i terus masuk bilik n tido !
tido like piggy !
from 2something slip till 6something !
den kai ma cook maggie gib me eat~
while she cooking de maggie,
i told her~ i got headache~
she said~ after u eat this maggie, i gib u eat medicine~
kns ! i got no selera mau eat lah !
i eat 3,4 mouth jau din eat le~
den i saw table got 3tablet !
kns la ! ol tua liap eh ! ==
makan jor terus go tido from 7something till nex morning~ xD !
u noe how i tido tat nite ?
long sleeve shirt, long trousers, jacket wif blanket ! xD
in conclusion, i slept 4da whole day !
muahahahahahahahaha !

monday~ 28/6/2010 - deii !

adoi! 2day early in de morning wakup go sch
like goin 2die~ sibeh x bersemangat~
tired ah! aiks~
at class teacher say wat, do wat i oso no energy wan choi it
olmost slept ah~ but but~ bor bian~
teacher de sound sibeh sharrrp xia !
ish~ go bek home slip like piggy~ xD
olmost late 2ttn tim ! geng ah !
at ttn oso same lah~
ai si beh si lidat~ xD
go home, makan jor terus tido !
my bag din even touched~
my hwrk din even do oso
my bag haven pack~
muahahahahaha ! horliao ! xD

sunday~ 27/6/2010

it is competition dayy!
sibeh gan cheong!
yesterday overnight at cheeyen's house~
at her house slip one hour nia~
i can't slip lah~
but luckily got our chiayee pui me sms jekk~
while she is doin her add math folio!
hehe~ thx yo! xD
0kie~ continue 2day's story~
i awoke at olmost 5o'clock~
den i reach doju at 5.30
itu yiyin ah ! she sibeh geng !
6something oli cum~
i'm kau peh kau bu-ing b4 she reach~ zzz
suak~ mai say jor~
v reach ther bout 8 if i'm not mistaken~
waseh~ go ther fat mou ah !
reach ther at 8 but for our 14-15 years old geh category waited till 4o'clock~
sibeh zzz~ while waiting de time pass by, v keep practicing our kata (formation)
den~ its our turn 2do kata jor~
lagi zzz ah ! ol group is doin zeon kata accept us~
v do de daiQgosodan geh kata~
daiQgosodan is de most basic kata~
but bor bian~ v cannot play zeon coz yiyin is not so clear bout zeon~
nvm lor~ v do daiQgosodan~
kns ! oso say daiQgosodan is de most basic kata but,
i've late 2do a step~ zzz !
suak~ den pulak its turn 2play free fighting~
i n yiyin cnt play de match coz its our turn when v're helping raiza~
get wat i mean?
tat's y i'm scolding bad words in fb !
just because of helping others, v missed a match !
nex time ah~ don do good things jor~
hao xing mei hao bao ! ish
i'm on fire tat time ! u noe what?
the match costs RM45 ah !
kns la ! but nvm jekk~
at least lah v got a medal 4kata~
xD this is called lucky~ muahahaha !
and and hor~ my lenq zaii master oso got go nerh ! weehee
he get 1st for kata but nothing for free fighting~
nvm nvm~ hehe~ nex time still got chance jekk !
1st 1st hor~ v pretend don't know each other~
aiyok ! v paiseh mah~ xDD
at last i oso got tok 2him he oso got tok 2me~
and and play wif me tim !
muahahahahahahahahahahaha ! sibeh hepi xia !
n then v go home bout 7o'clock
deii la~ de bus ada problem pulak~
not bus rosak or what~
is de driver bring de kids go eat without our master's permission !
v at car hear dou dat news sibeh pek chek ah !
master pulak kau peh kau bu ! zzz !
at the end, v reach t.i late~
aiks !