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Monday, September 2, 2013

Sem Break Part II ♥

next destination, Penang :D i didn't go at first but give my friend, Yang Zhen say dao i tak boleh tahan.
i ended up going lol! so yeah, i didn't get to sit airplane to Penang cause i last minute only confirm.
so, me and Yang Zhen drive to Penang and reach there THREE HOURS THIRTY MINUTES and kena AES! /.\

i have no regrets hanging around with them! seriously, i've never been so happy, laugh like mad since sem 2 i guess ._. 
all the thing you do is laugh, laugh, and more laughs!
thanks God for arranging my life to meet people like them! hope our friendship never ends! loves, xoxo!

Day 1 - 28th August 

next morning around 7.30am we went to Bayan Lepas to fetch the 1st batch people from airport. while waiting for the 2nd batch people at 2.30pm, twe go Kedah awhile then come back Penang again lol. too free.
reach condominium at E-Park sponsored by my friend, ah Boon's uncle's house. empty one lol!! save money :P

please ignore the unwanted element lol. i have no choice but to choose this, le living room XD
we didn't managed to capture the room because it is too messy already XD

view from our condo :) we can clearly see the Penang bridge but the whether is too bad to capture the bridge :/

we got free holiao lunch treat by ah Boon's uncle & aunty! they are so good!
then we went to fetch le 2nd batch people come back, rest mandi, go out :D
due to raining weather, we didn't manage to eat holiao dinner and go Batu Feringgi end up idk where XD

the tiang joh teng sai. hahahahahahaha XD next station,

taadaaaaaaa :D Straits Quay, way to the Library :D

its kinda darkkk outside :/

Yang Zhen die die want stand in the middle lol!

le manager, Boon with his leng luiis :P the second one wearing pink prettiest one lol!
from top : Anjay, Wei Yie, Summer, Yung Yung, Shirley (me), Hazel :3

even le boys have more picture and pattern than le girls. just get me cancer lol! D:
which one most leng zai? lai lai let me introduce ehhhhh! :D
behind from left : Nicholas, Hong
front from left : Tiramisu, Wei Kang, Ah Shen, Yang Zhen, Ah Boon, Tee Hao :D
hampalang available except Nicholas lol :D choose choose ba! hahahahahahaha.

we found Snoopy! :D


ini tiga sampat, my 3day 2night roommate! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!
from left, Tee Hao, Anjay, Ah Boon :D

group photo kasi besar besar takpe kannnn? :P *draw heart*!! :3

reached The Library :D celebrate Yang Zhen's birthday :D

Day 2 - 29th August

Yang Zhen's image back to normal. back to Wolverine's hair :D ahahahahaahahaha!

matching coordinate with le gang! white tee & jeans short :D

1st station makan breakfast!

2nd station,

War Museum, interesting.. i really really want to go to experience "thing" lol!
it is not like a normal museum, its a museum that is full of "ehem" you know i know la! ><
but that time we go too many people dy. somemore got school trips. so we just take photos outside :(


3rd station, 

Kek Lok Si Temple :D

on the way up, feed turtle first :D

with Anjay :)

and Yung Yung :D

omeitofat! XD
okayy la, jing dian coming! our so called na xie nian :P

wulala, me love me love! :P

4th station, STREETTT ARTTTT!

we still have lots of street arts to go but we are all tired already and its already 5pm so we went back condo.
as soon as we reach condo, we found out that the electric bills are not paid D:
while waiting for Ah Boon's aunt to figure out how, we went swimming lol! i play water XD


after that, we went back our condo bath and stuff and Ah Boon told us a news.
like omgg, holy mama! happy shit lol. so damn rich! everyone quickly pack their stuff lol! hahahahahaha.


============================== first floor :D ==============================

living room :D


guest's living room /.\


dining table

idk what is this! like Japanese/Korean dining table lol!

============================== second floor! :3 ==============================

le stairs! lol

le room we stay lol! so pretty! and its purple color! mah favourite! :3

our room's toilet :P

tadaaa, le 3days 2nights roommate! started to miss them already yoh! :/
i miss how me and Anjay physically and mentally attack Ah Boon by making him laugh when he is doing mask and also attack Tee Hao by snatching his blanket don't want let him sleep lol!
cannot stop laughing ehhhh that time! like seriously, haven't been laughing like that since sem 2? hmmm D:
anyways, you can see who is the tallest and who is the shorty here by looking at the legs /.\ zz

this is the view when i step out out of my bedroom. look at the balcony yahh! look!

seriously, this is how it looked like when you look down the balcony! pretty like heaven! :O

le princess room right beside my purple room :O

le princess room's toilet

le princess room's mirror! :O

============================== third floor! :) ==============================

can you guys see there's a stairs there? that's the way to another half lol!
guess what! karaoke room! omgg? luckily no cinema, no gym room, no library lol. if not i really faint!
but they have this!

lift! =.= holy mama! i really... don't know what to say lol. 
me, Anjay, Boon tried the lift together and it seems like not working! almost get me cancer! Boon to heavy :P

there's another two rooms but we didn't manage to snap larr, cause Boon's cousin is there hahahahaha!
how i feel like staying 1 or 2 more days in this house lol! dreaming la XD

next, our so called 名媛望族 family photo lol! a Hong Kong drama XD

Yang Zhen die die wanna sit middle again lol! XD

awww, me like me like! *melts* :)

6th station, went Gurney and the food court beside :D ahahhahahaahaha

Day 3 - 30th August

going back lohh. say bye bye to THREE AND A HALF STORIES BUNGALOW & Penang :D

Penang foods!

okayy la, till then! byeeeeeeee :D