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Monday, May 30, 2011


ohh. finally. this is what i am waiting for so long.
i delay my blog updates day by day and i felt guity for my blog and of course. felt guilty for my loyal reader too. keep on rushing me to update :P
my card reader lost and i don't have a USB =='
so i'm gonna post my days out with many many pictures :D


---------------------------- story begins ---------------------------

today is 1/6/2011 which means it is annie's birthday.
dai kor luii luu. sang sang seng seng ahh. kekeke.
wish you sweet 17 and get good results for your SPM ya !
keep in touch. our friendship will never have a fullstop :)

so, after my exam on friday, we went Qbox celebrate annie's birthday.
about 4.50, Queenie came fetch me there. hehehe.
i almost forgot annie's cake but luckily yiyin reminds me XP
we celebrated her birthday with chee yen, yau, me and yiyin.
carmen last minute say dwn go. wanna go repair laptop =='
mun yin cannot go as her mother don't let her :( okayy,



before outing
take #1

take #2

take #3

- me me me -

again XD

and again XP

the cake !

the birthday girl :P

yiyin looks cute here =P

four pai-tiongs.
yau is holding camera. hehe.

pai tiongs again.
this time yiyin hold the camera.
the light :P

wahahaha ! i cannot tahan d :P

i annie's expression :D

it looks so real !
oh my gosh XDD

chee yen's stupiak hand XP
this anyway. hehehe.

trying to act cute XD

her outfit for the day :D

looks bored. coz the mic is mine.

in the toilet.
i looks like yin sze >.<

annie went home early.
so left four of us :))

and finally. i this picture so much X)

after our ... erm, shouting, we went mcD and sushi for dinner :)
there goes my ss mood. hee. realise that sushi king is a best place for ss. i love the light effect so much. due i haven't download mei tu xiu xiu, so i cnt edit my signatures inside. this proves all my pictures are original :P


1st round. mcDee.
i din't snap any pictures except this :P

second round, sushi king XD

woots` finally. finish posting for this day.
now, saturday pulak XD

my momma came back on saturday.
we ate lunch at malay's wedding in front of my ayi's house.
but sushi king for my dinner. muahahahaha.
two days continuously sushi for my dinner. so syok :P
ohh yesss, pictures again. teehee ! XD


yep. my momma XD

end of this day. tuesday next ! XD

having extra class on tuesday, science. duhh. sien daoo -.-'
luckily mun yin brought mentos so that i can eat XD
after my class, i went brunch at KFC with mia and yiyin.
hahaha. then we went 1st choice. yiyin wanna buy pins :)
pictures again. woohooo XP


you saw the crown ? so cute on me XD

rabbit ! rabbit ! XP

in the evening after i woke up, me and yiyin went cycle.
sun bian take card reader from sin yau *beh yong de* /.\
so i went her house and then ss again. hahahaha !


with my purple bicycle :D

then, we continue to cycle. we passed by suzie's house and met 3 sakai there.
suzie, fara and suraya. have a great chat there.
a lots of laugh-die-me conversation and pictures too.
hehehe. yesterday was fara's birthday.
wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY again !! weeeee XP


suziee :D

fara, the birthday girl :P

this XD

suzie mata sepet XD!

- end of post -

phew ! it took me 3hour + to finish my updates.
hope you all will like it. enjoy your reading ya.
going to kL tomorrow, friday to cameron. hehehe.
will be back after my vacation. miss ya ! mwahx