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Thursday, June 30, 2011


hahaha. i'm back to update more post people :PP
i love to blog ! no one can stop me from blogging. i kill you XD
hahaha ! before i start, i wanna share a lil bit about my presentation.

# tadaa ! my moral's presentation. teehee.
if you look properly, you can see my writing big, small, up down XD
i din't bring it home. i left it in yakin's class after that. hahaha

# this is my group's name !
*proud* :P

# look it this combined colours ! niceee :D

- pink + blue = purple
- pink + yellow = orange
- blue + yellow = green
- pink + green = red

have a try. HAHAHAHA ! =='
btw, i lost my pink fail in school. Z !

next, yeahh, poodle :D after school i went home *of course lah* =='
and then i saw this fella ! one aunty came and bring her together.
cuteeeee. this is the very first time i hold dog XD
and this time i am holding a poodle. bahahaha :PP

itu sahaja ! thanks for visiting my blog !

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :P

psst : no mushroom icon for today XD

Sunday, June 26, 2011

giant :PP

its 12.34 now and i am here purposely blogging *i'm crazy*
i went to giant today with yau, yen, and mun yin as usual.
hahaha. i bought two things. there they are

# *tadaa* yepp ! i bought this :D
good quality and reasonable and affordable XD
it is just RM9.90 people !

i bought earings too :))
everytime i wake up in the morning, earing sure lost.
now lets see how many days this earing can stand :P


and now, shirt and earings :PP


finish with pictures. hahahaha. now, let me tell you something.
since i born till now, its my first time sit mini cooper. damn cute !
its a small little car and most attractive is, it is PINK in colour XD
its ahh weng dear's car. i got no ppl to fetch me home.
gosh, no idea. luckily weng drove car to work. thanks her.
had a lot of laugh die me conversation in car till salah jalan == XD
i can't even recognize the road. adoi. no need do teluk intan's ppl d.
i teach ah weng wrong road, wrong direction tim ! :PP
samo realised that ahh weng's driving skill FAIL. joking. hee ^^"
but i still reached home safely and i'm still in one piece XP
next time i wanna tumpang your car again ! i love ya :D


- end of post -
stay tuned ! baibaii :P

Thursday, June 23, 2011

dream & lecture

i dream something stupid today =________=
when i woke up in the morning, i feel like laughing XD
but i have to take this serious too. wanna know that i dream ?
i dreamt that i get my SPM result and most of it are E-
it is E- ! but there're no E-'s grade for SPM. hahaha !
how silly XP


there's moral's lecture today from 2.30 till 4.30pm
the lecture held in the auditorium. so crowded man --
me, yiyin and annie were too bored till we wrote this.
laugh die me man. HAHAHA !! cnt read ? read below the pictures !

# i just snap the main point :PP
don't mind if you don't understand XP

yiyin ::
Lii - lalala. babi lah you, 1001 !
annie - zzz lah you ! = =

aLii ::
annie - lets go date XD

annie ::
Lii - okiie jekk ... XD

* this one more funny *

aLii ::
annie - i got nothing to say with you liao XD ==
yiyin - my x ? apa x ? my xing xian ? okayy ok XD

annie ::
Lii - me too = =
yiyin - lolll .... = = haizz

yiyin ::
Lii - your x bf lah ... not xing xian lah = =
annie - then go sleep

aLii ::
annie - pai tiong lah you. MY PUNGGUNG PANAS D =____=

maybe you guys don't understand what so funny and why i'm laughing.
only three of us do. you'll understand if you read the full conversation XD

- end of post -
stay tuned ! baibaii :P

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

happy todayy ^_____^

wahahaha ! its 10.01 pm now =____= i'm here to blog !
there're no teacher for my last two periods !
bm, pn. rosnah pulak tuu. more happy jekk :PP
she's involving in hari anugerah this friday.
so she's not entering class as she got raptai :D

we're free for the last two periods. we don't know what to do.
hahaha. till chee yen say "lets play TRUTH or DARE" XD
my response was, "I WANT, I WANT, I WANT"
all the chinese girls join + raiza the only malay.
so i have to translate what they say. hehehe.
every time the marker pen pionts on me,
they will ask silly question =_____=
makes me laugh and cried *almost* so babi.
hahaha. that was fun ! how i miss the moment :')

reached home bathe and terus dead on my bed till 7 pm
=____= never realise that i got 2 miss calls, 3 messages.
hahaha. i'm so pig. tired lahh. idky. online at late night kot XP
went to library at 8 then wait for sorpoh soh xin yi come.
hahaha. she tought me matrices as she promised me.
she fullfill the promise even though she is late and busy,
she she still have time for me ! how gamdong :PP
seriously, sitting beside her and do matrices was so stress.
i scare i will do wrong but she say, cool down and be confidence.
i won't laugh at you and i won't eat you XD

i really understand what she teach me *proud die*
thanks for teaching me how to solve and the "machine"
but i scare i will forget the machine's step lehh.
i think i have to practise more and more. hehehe.
after this, my next target, TRANSFORMATION :D
i know i'm kinda noob in this subject. don't laugh at me :(
i will cry in front of you on the spot ! >.<

- end of post -
stay tuned ! baibaii :P

p/s : no pictures for today "/
thanks for reading my craps XD
btw, follow me at twitter, cHiNaLii :P
i remembered my password =___=

Monday, June 20, 2011

vote ^^"

hahaha. i'm back peoplee :DD this few days lazy update blog.
aduhh. there's two pictures here. help me vote !
i wanna change blogskin. but this two makes me pening.
both are nice. i just couldn't make decision =='
please leave comment at my chatbox :))
* click to enlarge *


# take 1 ( my online diary )

# take 2 (chocolate blog )

- end of post -

stay tuned !
baibaii :D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

hospital :)

yesterday evening, i went to hospital :))
i'm having heartache. so i went there check.
HAHAHA ! joking lahh deii. i went visit my mom's kaima.
she ate wrong medicine and idk how she can tahan for 10days.
she is quite old. 80+ but she still can stand the pain =='

this is the second time i went to hospital for 16+ years.
when ayi and me is finding ward, i pass by a lots of patients.
some of them look so suffer. makes me feel so creepy there.
hmmm. but at the same time, i feel pity to them too :'(

when we found my mother's kaima's ward, we went in.
i look at her. i feel like omg ! heartache to see her condition.
my tears almost fell down but at last i didn't.
her mouth and eyes were swollen and her mouth keep bleeding.
her skin look so pain. damn terrible condition :((

few minutes later, 2 nurses came in and say
"can you please stay outside ?" coz they wants to clean her body.
due to her condition and she can't move, nurse is needed to clean her body.
we waited outside for almost an hour. i can hot die there --'
by the way, i saw how the nurse clean my mom's kaima.
they used the method that i had learnt in st.john.
it is called as 'dressing' haha. i was shocked.

while i was waiting outside and almost hot die there, i had a walk.
i go round where the patients are. some of their relatives are crying.
some of the patients are screaming for pain. so heartache.
and i heard the BGG sound everywhere. 'toot toot toot' arrgh !
i got no choice. i have to pass through this next time.
coz i've made my final decision. i'm taking nursing course :)

lots of my family encourage me to take this course.
idk why. but if i really can work in a hospital or what,
i hope to work in private hospital at the x-ray's department.
hahaha. did i think to far away ? hmmm. "/ maybe.
anyway, hope that my mom's kaima will recover soon :)

- end of post -
stay tuned ! baibaii :DD

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

at cameron - # day 2

woke up at 7 something. i don't want to wake up at first.
coz i wanna stay in my warm blankiie !
and i don't want to touch the floor. damn cold !
yesterday night can reach below 15 celcius. =E back to topic !
hahaha. after my breakfast, we waited for another family to come.
they reach at 10 something. we continued our journey after that.


# getting bored for waiting

# this cute little baby again ! cute !! :D

----------------------------- 1st station ---------------------------


# yeap ! my first station :P

# cactus

# cactus

# cactus again

# omg ! cactus everywhere >.<

*coz i'm in the cactus area. of course lahh XD*

next station ! i don't know where is this.
i can't find the papan tanda lahh. muahahaha !

# this flower look so pretty but unfortunately,
it can live in cameron only coz it suit the weather there

# i don't know what creature is this but i know its a type of cactus.
looks so weird. like a snail. hahaha :P

# look at this ! so yummy ! but i din't buy and eat :P

next station. weee XP

----------------------------- 2nd station ---------------------------


tadaa ! yepp, you're right ! i'm in bee farm :P

# haha ! the bee nest :DD

# can you spot the bees ? :P

# the baby, xin hui ! how cute XD

# aiyoo. she accidently blink her eye when i'm snapping.
hahaha. nevermind. it still looks cute :DD

# hahahaha ! this is the look how she tried to smile XD

# she again :))

# tadaaa ! this is the picture i love the most.
so cute ! like me last time :PP *aiai*

nice, huh ? i snap this at there. love this ! :))

hehehe. next, my third station ! like like like :DD

----------------------------- 3rd station ---------------------------

heading to pluck STRAWBERRY !! yay =PP


# on my way XP

# weehee. reached !

# strawberries ! i'm coming :DD

# before

# after :P

HAHAHA ! that's the end for strawberries :D
went back to apartment after that.
while waiting for my turn to bathe, i SS-ed ^^"


after my bathe, i SS-ed again. hehehe :E


# my biao dii's hand kaciau ! XD

# finally, my biao dii and mee :))

--------------------------- end of my second day ---------------------------
stay tuned ya ! baibaii :P