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Friday, May 4, 2012

My Kpop Selection Songs :))

i'm back :D just wanna update a little bit about my kpop selection songs and schoolings (at the end) :))
before i start, i would like to apologise coz maybe someone will be like "wth, all these songs are so outdated -.-"
but i hope you guys can understand me coz i've not been so active in updating my blog recently. i'm sorry >.<
so i'll post my recent (some since april) favourite songs here :)) btw, i'm still waiting for IU's "Peach" :D


# A Pink's Eunji & Beast's YoseobLove Day

# Ft.Island - Severely

# Big Bang - Fantastic Baby

# Big Bang - Blue

# Big Bang - Bad Boy

# 2AM - I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me

# SHINee - Sherlock

# Cn.Blue - Hey You


# Shinhwa - Venus

# Ivy - Hurt Heart

# Yangpa & Davichi & HANNA - That's The Way Love Goes

# Huh Gak - The Person Who Once Loved Me

# SNSD's TaeTiSeo (TTS) - Baby Steps

# SNSD's TaeTiSeo (TTS) - Goodbye Hello (like Chistmas song @@)

next, SCHOOLINGS :O i got my LATEST TIMETABLE and the LATEST GROUP that lecture separates us /.\

B2 Group's timetable @@ Friday want go back also susah. until 6pm =.=

saw my name ? :DD i'm in Group B2 ! *MIAHAHAHAHA* number 2 again ^^v
nowadays lazy blog T.T but i think i'll blog at least once a month ? or maybe when there's any special events ?
HAHAHAHA, we'll see :P actually, i ponteng my SIFE society's orientation today XP anyway, Happy Wesak Day :))

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

new life in KTAR, Setapak :]

assalamualaikum dan salam 1 Malaysia. HAHAHAHAHA ! annyeonghaseyo ^^ i'm back :)
today's post just gonna be writings without any pictures. i left my USB in hostel. sorry if its bored :/

i actually started my college life on the 23/4/2012 :) i still remember ! HEHEHE :P
nothing really special so i didn't update my blog. felt so sorry for my blog and readers.
funny thing is i got lost almost everyday at college. seriously, my school here is huge :O
please don't look from outside only. try to come inside here and walk, i bet you will lost XD

honestly, i still can't get myself comfortable with my room mate. IDKY, SORRY ! >.<
forget that >.< so yeah, i met a few friends *HAPPY* but all of them don't stay hostel /.\
i need a friend from hostel so that there's someone can accompany me to school :P
i also need a friend that have car ! its easier to go somewhere else. no need sit bus D:
hope to find a few friends like that soon :) and i know i will. *MIAHAHAHAHA*

i joined Choir Society lehh ! :P need to do audition so that i'll be categorise as alto's or soprano's.
hehehe. besides, i also joined Mass Communication Society :) teehee :D *HAPPY*
you will have chances to go to radio station or TV station if you join Mass Comm Society :P
nahh, please don't miss understand horr. i'm not to promote Mass Comm Society lah of course.
i'm just sharing and telling you guys how exited am i to go that kind of place ! HAHAHA XD
its like a dream come truee (?) YAYY ! ^^ *snap* NOT YET ! LONG WAY TO GO ! : facepalm :

anyway, thanks and sorry for wasting time just to read my lame bored post, i know XD
i just want to update my blog at least it won't looks dead XP you've been trolled :P


- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

iHEART 슈퍼주니어