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Sunday, October 31, 2010

its my day ! ^^

teehee ! its my big big day today ! XD
my birthday leh. who forget jiu kiam pak ! hehe.
yesterday i cried because of someone making me gonna burst.
but today i cried because i gandong T.T
i awoke it 4am -.- coz my ayi off air-cond, makes me awake.
then when i peep my hp, OMG OMG ! 14 msg !
i was so happy ! some of them slept and awake at 12 just to wish me.
some of them tahan till 12 baru sleep.
when i heard that, i was so gandong ! yuan lai i'm so xing fu de T.T
i just realised it ! maybe others might be more xing fu than me,
but i appreciate ppl around me now coz i don't wanna compare with others.
i already enough xing fu. don't have to expect more ! =DD
i went mcD with friends to celebrate my birthday.
before that, mun yin came my house. hehe.
thanks to those who attend for my party and thanks for the present ! XD
after makan, we went giant ! hehe. laugh die me when i flashback !





on the way to mcD
p/s : mata sepet =.=''


the only picture i capture in giant ! XD
sorry chiayee. upload picture without your permission >.<


chee yen's

1bijik lolipop hilang.
go sue TAN CHEE YEN ! XD

[ perfect ]

i chopped its head XD

chopped it into 3 pieces ! kolian dai XP

ching yeng's

mun yin's


mun yin's again

carmen's and mun yin's

xin yi aka mii's

yiyin aka papa's

i love it so much ! i had a lots a lots of fun today ! ^^
you guys brighten my day ! love you guys.
mwahx mwahx ! *hugs hugs*
i won't forget today !
never ever ^^

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

ngek ngek ! ^^v

hey yo ! i'm back. already two weeks bor blog jor leh.
miss my blog xia. actually got many things to say during exam week.
but i tell myself not to touch laptop until exam ends.
and i did it ! *proud of myself* ehem !
okayy lah. i admit i curi curi on when my brother go mandi XP
see, i so honest. bahahaha. si aiai XD

- cut the crap -

finally, i merdeka ! muahahahaha. this is what i'm waiting for !
my exam like SHIT. i don't know what i wrote >.<
imma stupiak. apa pun tak tau. makan, tidur saja tau -.-

- next -

i'm waiting for my big big day ! ^^v
gan cheong. say gan cheong jekk. but this year like no feeling.
don't know why. just like its already passed. zz.
i don't have any planning anyway. adui. nvm lah XD
after that, imma waiting for my math result to come out.
i'm gonna wait it very patiently. at the same time, i'm scared >.<
every night thinking of my math result like crazy.
i hope it won't disappoints me and SOMEONE IMPORTANT :PP
pray hard so that i could achieve my target. :)

p/s : countdown 3days 3hour 38minute ^^v

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

days ~

yoyo. i went to temple again on friday and saturday.


went to temple at 10 something with family.
met chiayee, siwen and huixin.
oh ya, saw sinli, poh ching, lisa, hui ting t0o ! :)
snapped picture using chiayee's hp.
suppose planned to curi her picture but cnt right click -.- deii.
mvn luu. go stalk her blog if you wanna see XP


went to temple twice. evening and night.
met huixin's mom in the evening.
met chiayee, huixin, irene, cheeyen, sinyau, yiyin, sin li, lisa, poh ching, chiu venn, wey liy, karate master t0o ! hehe.
tonight gonna be a good night ! XP
err. tonight is the 9th day for the vegetarians.
which means ... i don't know how to say. =.=
many ppl there. zz. sesak.
i tried to snap pictures there but really t0o crowded. ><
bahahahaha. can makan anything i wanna eat after 12 o'clock ! teehee.


realised that someone treats me different from how he/she treat others.
nono. should be saying i realised it yesterday night. sigh.
i'm searching for the reasons why he/she wanna treat me like that !
imma so disappointed. he/she chat with others from the beginning till the end.
but when he/she chat with me, we started to chat halfway then end conversation.
i started to be very down, disappointed early in the morning.
yeah, i know that i'm such LAME coz down like hell because of this thing.
people might not understand my felling is but i hope you can.
you are important to me t0o ! you really do. honestly.
i hope you know who am i mentioning right now.
i really hope that you get ''terasa'' coz i don't want you to treat me like this anymore.
i'm not really curse you to get ''terasa''
i just wants you to know how hurt when you treat me like that. ><
i'm SORRY !

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

temple temple ~ XP

wah. today woke up at 5 something coz going to temple for prayers.
sibeh exited xia. hehe. arrived there almost 6 luu.
suppose coming with yiyin. but she cant.
her uncle went to temple early in the morning.
so she don't have transport to come. pity her
this time aku manyak untung nii ! XD
i can see a 12 years once de ceremony. wulala.
heppy seii me jekk. when i reached there i jiu saw many i jiu saw many i know de ppl leh. XP

- SKIP -

fulamak. this time very chi kek. god masuk badan that time.
wasai. one by one. cann hang siii lang weh ><
i stand aside. then suddenly, in front me geh ppl kena god masuk.
suddenly behind pulak. then beside me also. kong bu dou.
malkumlak i dont know thay are the ''tiao tong'' ppl. =.=
scare jor. so i stand at the stairs there.
so i appreciayrs once he.
then after they ''tiao tong'', they go cucuk itu mulut.
me and kaima go kepoh see see. hehe
walao eh. pian xia. they maybe bor feeling but sakit. -.-
tapi i sukak see leh. coz its 12 years once only can see jekk.
so i appreciate it ! :)
i give satu boy sot dao me leh. bahahahaha.
but he also got ''tiao tong'' geh. he tiao itu 三太子. hehe.
leng zaii + cute + fair + muscle cantek + yeng ! XD XD
hehe. cute seii when the 三太子 masuk badan that time.
his expression .... wulala. his expression lah yang meng-sot-kan me. XP
hehe. all the ''tiao tong'' ppl and those kereta hiasan is lining up outside.
my family's responsibility is to take care itu ''kuan teh kong'' :)
later you see my picture, green colour punya shirt with cucuk. itulah ''kuan teh kong''
me and my cousin brother's gf wanna take short cut. sun bian can snap picture. hehe.
so we waited + see + snap pictures near itu dono what bank -.- i forgot.
when she's snapping picture, i realise that marcus and the gang was just beside me.
i was so paiseh. =.= apa nak buat ? pretend nothing sajalah. XD
apasaii mention him pulak ? zz. continue my story.
everyone can get sweet from certain certain geh god. hehe.
tapi, itu leng zai 三太子 bor give geh. deii.
nvm luu. at least i ada 2 bijik lolipop. muahahahaha.
zz. continue. when ''kuan teh kong'' came, we masuk barisan. XD
coz my kaima they all take care of him de mah. so we followed ''kuan teh kong'' all the way.
oh ya, lupa say. behind me ada saint geh boy jugak.
thay also tukang help huat ah. XP
say dou huat ah, it makes me remembered something.
we ada pass by itu san min tadika. all the kids were in the school by the gate like macam dalam penjara. get it mah ? XD bor get, my picture ada. =D
they all shouted ''HUAT AH'' when we passed by. cute seii ! XD
then dono who, behing me geh si ai bin. face t0o thick
go shakehands with those kids. macamlah he's a superstar. laugh seii me.
i hor, manyak cham. macam itu ah seii help ppl teke thing geh.
my back, ada bag, in front, ada camera, hand ada hp and bottle.
everywhere already fulled. hehehe XDD
we walked about 3 hours like that jiu back to the temple. :)
when itu ''kuan teh kong'' wanna pull out itu cucuk punya thing,
he demanded to those ca bor stay away from him. so we stand outside.
when i asked my kaima why, she told me coz itu ''kuan teh kong'' bor sukak ca bor punya.
''kuan teh kong'' is a jin jia bog geh general. go berperang geh.
that's why bor sukak. i fell like ''huh ? like that also can ?'' XD
nvm luu. i already very satisfy coz can follow this ceremony :)
untung seii me. i wont forget this ! XD XD
next target, this saturday night ! i cant wait lah ! :D
oh oh oh ya. lupa cakap. itu ''kuan teh kong'' praises us leh.
he praise that we took very good care of him. hehe.
balik rumah, terus tidur. tired ah. untill my kaima bor call i also bor wake up. hehe.



p/s : these pictures bor ikut urutan geh. malas lah. XD
hope you all dont mind jekk !
anyway, enjoy ! :)

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