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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Tuesday, 30/10/2012


Sunday, October 7, 2012

late September + early October ^^

okayy, i knew i'm quite late to update things about September since its already October XP
nahh, i don't care. late better than never :P i'm actually very emo right now :(
never mind! ignore it for a while :) update blog first. emo? later XD

about one week after Alumni night, we celebrated Brandon's birthday at Wangsa Maju's 爱面子
actually his real birthday is on 29th September but we celebrated 2days earlier with my classmates!
pictures time :D

JANG! Happy Birthday Little Brandon! ^^

one week later, Charlotte, Tong Xiang & Me went to overnight at Ah Jun's house for Running Pig event!
lazy talk so much. let pictures do the talk? lets go! :P

on the way to Bukit Tinggi ^^

after bath :D

play Rami till 2am -_- lose till pants drop @@

the next morning right after i wake up X.x

Running Pig's mission :P

Running Pig's bell to be tied on shoe lace! XD

i snap this before we go to Running Pig's location!
wearing Miko's shirt cause my shirt haven't done >.<

hiding the missions! hehehehe :D

Running Pigs on the go! :P

mini games ^^

Charlotte's back :P

Tong Xiang & Jun ^^

with Ah Jun's jie jie! i miss her a lot :(
another siao po! everything she did i will ROFL :PP

jangg! drawn by me :D

mini games :D

snap while the "Pigs" are having their lunch :P

steamboat at night at Ah Jun's friend's house ^^

this picture snap before we watch Paranormal at Ah Jun's friend house i guess :PP

go back lorhh ^^


back to KL's life, back to college life :P

 jang! these pictures were taken when we are having Psychology lecture! too bored dy /_\
Charlotte, Me & Xavier ❤

okayy, this is epic. idky but they were all laughing when they saw this picture -_-
the story goes like that. chicken Charlotte go and set her phone for 10seconds.
then i thought to act cool in this picture. but who knows, i acted cool till the last second, i laughed.
i can't bare it already lol. this is why this picture snapped like that /_\ really that funny? =="

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP