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Thursday, January 19, 2012

K.R.Y - 회상 & As One - Only U & Seoul Music Awards ❤

omo ! i freaakkking love this song :D even though its not really KRY's album but they can sing so well !
this song was sang originally from Yoon Il Sang. but KRY sang this song for Il Sang's 21st anniversary :)
likeyy ! especially Kyuhyun's voice ! the rapper and the first solo ! goodness ! his voice is so angelic :'D
i think this is my first time hear Kyuhyun rapped XD daebakk ! good job Kyu ! you did it so well :P kkk ^^

p/s : this song is my blog's main song :)

second, As One - Only U :) this song is quite nice too ! like it :D they're kinda pretty too ! not bad :)
i think if they didn't feat Donghae, i also don't know that this group exist ! TROLL XD
honestly, i listen to this song because they feat Donghae but end up, i found that this song really nice ! :D

p/s : second blog's song :D enjoyy ! ^^

oh yeaa, by the way, there is Seoul Music Awards today but i missed it ! work :( but still got YouTube XD
they won Daesang Award and Bonsang Award ( actually idk what award is that XD ) congratulation :D

Super Junior Wins Top Award at 21st Seoul Music Awards (Winner List Included)


# Leeteuk's twitter update ^^

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stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

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Friday, January 13, 2012

it just wasted like that ㅜ.ㅜ

everyone in One Stop, i mean my working place, all also gila Korea but they just simply gila. me ? memang gila !
oh yeah, everyone knows it. so last night Lee Ming, Weng is discussing what will happen to me if i met Korean.
omgg ! they just mentioned it yesterday and this afternoon, there're KOREAN COUPLE CAME TO ONE STOPP !!
at that time, it was 1.45 like that. it was Lee Ming's recess time. so i look after the counter.
i got nothing to do at the counter there so Lee Ming and me are translating Korean word to Korean pinying.

suddenly, there's a man yelled "OII" sooo loud. i was like =_____= why this people like that one.
he wanted to see the pen in the cupboard. i was about to go. but Weng say, she'll handle it.
so ngam there's a customer wanted to pay money. at that time, i heard that man say in English "promotion ?"
again, i was like =_____= HAHAHAHAHAHA ! Ah Weng kena again ! i mean, a lot of poeple think she's Malay.
so i think that's why that man talks to Weng in English. but weird. his English's slang is so indifferent @@
i look at Ah Weng. she said "han guo ren" without voice. just lip sync. i can't get it. she repeated about 3 times.

when i get what she is saying, i immediately O.O! and shouted LEE MING ! LOOK AFTER THE COUNTER !!
and then i rushed to the cupboard there, jumping up and down. was like a CACING KEPANASAN =.=
i keep looking at both couple. that man asked again. "promotion ?" Ah Weng replied, "sorry no."
and then that man talks to his wife. well idk what they are talking about. they talked so fast in Korean.
i was, wahhhhh ! bravo bravo. that man asked again. "made in China ?" Weng can't get it. so i repeated.
"made in Malaysia" Weng replied. ahhhh~! i really wanted to talk to them at that time but idky i cant think of any words.

so after that man say sorry that he don't wants it, he and his wife walks around One Stop.
i waited at counter exitedly, hoping that they would buy something and pay money. at least i can say kamsahamnida.
but zz. they didn't even buy anything =_____= they walked out of One Stop just like that. i'm so disappointed !
heart broke into two already ! when they pass by cashier, i said, kamsahamnida softly and bowed 90 degrees.
they can't see it T.T and then, its 2pm ! my turn to recess, i quickly went to punch card and go giant.

i went Giant delightfully. happy daoo, i even talked to Wei Yang which i never talked to him before :O
zz. after i pay for my food, i really went around Giant and search for them but they're not there.
heart broken again T.T! back to One Stop and was about to eat, they suddenly appeared in front of Guardian.
omfgg ! i shouted "CHAKAMMANYO !!" which means wait a moment. i really shouted. out of my control =.=
but they didn't even heard it. yahhh~! HEART BROKEN TRICE ! >< so sad but at the same time, happy =.=
my food all went super delicious ! HAHAHAHA ! its hard to meet Korean in Teluk Intan.
i'm sooo lucky XD and happy too ! but one thing, regret coz didn't talk to them :( sobs.

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stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Golden Disk Awards (GDA) ♥


# fan made this to congrats Super Junior for GDA :P

hello ! i'm back XD kkkk ^^ read my title also know its about KPOP dy ! miehehehe XD
yes ! its about Golden Disk Award in Osaka. so, this is the list of the GDA's winner :))

Disk Daesang
Super Junior

▲ Disk Bonsang
- f(x)



- Jay Park



- B2ST

Super Junior

▲ Rookie Award
- B1A4
- Dal Shabet
- A Pink

▲ Popularity Award
Super Junior

▲ Hallyu Icon Award
- Rainbow

▲ MSN Japan Award
Super Junior

▲ CeCi Award
- B2ST

▲ Golden Disk Producer Award
- Hong Seung Sung (Cube Entertainment)

congratulation Super Junior ^^ they won the most awards ! :D i love them so much ! kkk XD

# Super Junior's Golden Disk Awards :P

# Donghae oppa XP kkkk

# omgg Shindong XD bwahahaha !

# Yesung oppa ! happy till like that XD but cutee :D


# Eunhyuk oppa aka dancing machine ^^


# Leeteuk oppa :D! yahhh~! want tiok sott dy XD

#Sungmin oppa :P handsome ^^


# Kyuhyun aka my boyfiee XD ahhhhh~!

# and finally, Super Junior's group photo :')

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stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1st day cashier ^^

ahhh~! annyeonghaseyo :P i'm back from work not long ago. Ah Weng fetch me back again XD
today was my first day learn how to be a cashier and be a cashier. omg, what am i saying ? =.=
anyway, my 1st day of cashier still okay ba. but makes me so gan cheong lehh >.<
i don't like people waits for me. i feel like so pek chek. i do so slow and let people wait like that.
omgg. Ah Weng keep on saying "慢慢来, 别紧张. 第一天是这样的" HAHAHA.
no customer that time jau no customer lah. got customer all come one by one =.= finger can 'chao gan' XD
i was busy scanning things until i didin't even realised that Ching Yeng is standing right in front of me >.<
very siasui one lorr. i every time also can't scan the price but when it comes to Ah Weng, can pulak.
face problem kaa ? aishh~! jinjja =.= anyway, i bought a lip balm today ! RM9.90 :))

# cherry flavoured :D

# HAHAHAHA ! i didn't know that this is made from Korea ! so happy when i saw Korea's writing ==

i even bought my lotion, Vaseline brand also, go to work. coz my skin looks dull and dry XD
oh yeaaaa XD there's some funny conversation between me and customer today.

man : erm, mana punch card ?
me : ohh. paaaaaaling corner sana !
man : paling corner ? ADA TRAFFIC LIGHT ?
*HAHAHAHAHAHAHA* jinjja sweat ==""

next, wanna share a video ! just released yesterday ! :) FIX - Please Don't Say !
i love the MV sooooooo much ! Eunhyuk and Ryeowooks's cousin sister is the main character in this MV !
the MV sibeh gamdong ehh T.T DAEBAKK ! T.T especially the last part ! awww ! sukaksukaksukak ! XD
that unnie is so pretty ! i like her hair ! omgee. i wish to have a hair like that ! anyway, enjoy :D

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stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

hwan-yeong 2012 :)

hello 2012 :) welcome to the brand new year. my wish is just simple :) everything goes smoothly. itu saja :P
anyway, i went out to Polywatta to countdown 2012 but we end up countdown at Old Town :D
that's why i can't trend #Sungmin oppa in twitter and can't watch MBC Gayo Daejun live stream T.T
but never mind :) still got video to watch :P i will post it below there :D! pictures first :D

# candid by Yau XD =.=

# idky i like this 2 picture XD credits to Yiyin's phone :)

i went work for the first day :D okay, i still work at One Stop. ahhh~ say dao this one, i dui bu qi Soh Xin Yi T.T
sorry ehh >.< i broke promise. ahhh~! wtf, i broke promise =.= i feel like i am so jahat, evil T.T mianhaeyo >.<
my first day at there is kinda ... like a dream for me. a blink of eyes, it had been a year ! time flies ><
there's a guy working at there and today was his last day. i didn't even know him. so these are our last conversation.

him : *holding something to put it back to place*
me : *that thing looks familiar* "i think that one is .." i haven't say finish, he broke my conversation.
him : "ahhh~ its okayy. i found it. thank you" smiles and walked away.
me : =.=

so, this are our LAST CONVERSATION. how will you feel if you were me ? [ =.= ] also right ? zz. fine. next XD
one of my friend, Xin Yi went to National Service today ! :( so sad. wondering how is her first day there.
hope she can make a lot of friends and if can, find a boyfriend balik give me see XD joking joking ! :P

next, MBC Gayo Daejun's Super Junior performance is here ! DAEBAK ! ^^

# Super Junior - Superman + Mr.Simple + Bonamana performance :) jinjja DAEBAK ! ^^

# Eunhae's Oppa Oppa ft. SHINee's Taemin, Key & Minho :D this is Superb daebak ! special stage lehh XD
[ red - Donghae ] [ yellow - Eunhyuk ] [ green - Key ] [ blue - Taemin ] [ orange pants - Minho ]
i say Donghae you say Oppa, i say Myeolchi you say Oppa, i say SHINee you say Oppa ! new version :P
enjoy ! ^^

- end of post -
stay tuned ! *peace* :PP

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